A Look at Landscape and Container Gardens in Late Summer–Plus a Lesson on Cutting Back Annuals!

Groundcovers For Dry Soil

I love groundcovers. There’s just something about them that makes me want to have every one I see. Groundcovers can be an important addition to our Southern gardens. They act as a living mulch, helping to conserve moisture around trees and shrubs. Many groundcovers are evergreen, so they add beauty to the garden in every season. There are groundcovers that bloom, and even groundcovers that make berries!

Gardening in the Summer Time

There is no doubt in my mind that summer time is the best time to be in your garden. Whether it is to enjoy the sunshine or just work on improving your gardening skills. In my experience the fastest results for growing flowers and food related plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers can be achieved when the planting is done in the summer.

What You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Apples

Apples have been grown for three thousand years and spread all throughout the world. These days the market is dominated by a handful of varieties catered after consumers’ preference for sweet and bland apples. Home gardeners that are not concerned with shelf life and long harvest time are free to explore some of the older varieties like Gravenstein that have fallen out of favor by mass producers.

Viola! The Italian Herb Garden

Are you looking for a new hobby? Yes, you do know that an herb garden will deliver not only flowers but also edible crops and even much more, but just saying “gardening” brings out a yawn from you? Well, before you pass this by to consider another hobby, how does an “Italian herb garden” sound to you instead?

Knowing the Common Plant Names in Your Windowsill Herb Garden

Knowing the common plant names is the key in order for you to establish a good windowsill herb garden. A lot of botanical shops deal with seeds and full-grown plants using their common plant names, and therefore you need to be able to match these names with scientific names. There are many ways to do such a task. You can use plant databases and plant encyclopedias, as these references would give you images of the plants together with the list of all their names.

A Cottage Garden Border

For a mixture of tulips and daffodils that will last for many years, try a combination of tulip orange emperor, which is an excellent and reliable plant, flowering just before, and overlapping with golden spelldown. Clumps of yellow and orange red Narcissus Tahiti make a valuable addition in linking the two colors of tulips. As an alternative arrangement, try a single yellow narcissus such as pipit, along with an orange tulip, which is particularly beautiful and very reliable.

Long Term Planting Scheme in a Garden

For gardeners who want to experiment and are willing to change their spring borders regularly, the choice of color and the range of bulbs is vast. If you prefer a simpler approach with a longer term planting scheme, you also have an enormous choice but bear in mind that some bulbs are more reliable than others, and there is little doubt that some bulbs naturalize in borders better than others.

Some Unique Ways to Grow Vegetables

Today people are finding lots of creative ways, in which to grow vegetables in very limited spaces. People living in apartments can even grow vegetables. I had a girl friend that grew some tomatoes in a big 10 gallon bucket that she put some dirt in out on the patio.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Growing Endive

A very popular and excellent addition to any salad Endive is easier to grow in your home vegetable garden then you think. If you follow the tips in this article you will have all the information you need to grow great tasting Endive.

Learn About Indoor Hydroponics Gardening

Indoor Hydroponic gardening has become quite popular in recent years as an alternative to soil gardening. In many cases it is easier and safer to grow your garden using a hydroponic solution. You know exactly how much to feed your plants, and there are many systems that use timers that automatically feed them, so you have very little to do on your own.

Formal and Informal Styles of Bulbs in the Garden

With so many different styles, both formal and informal characteristic can be adopted. Where there is a strong design with clipped box hedging, the formal lines of tulips are most appropriate. The bright green of the new growth on box looks good with scarlet tulips, but a different type of formality can be achieved if tulips are interplant with coordinated bedding plants, whether you choose a vivid or a subtle approach.

A New Garden For the New Year

Whilst we’re in the thick of a typical UK winter, any thoughts of improving the garden are probably not the top of your action list, but the reality is that this is exactly when you should be thinking ahead about your outdoor space. Most of us are guilty of waiting for some warm weather before we worry about our gardens, then the pressure is on to carry out the work in break-neck speed.

Containers For a Windowsill Herb Garden

Growing and maintaining a windowsill herb garden is a wonderful way to add vibrancy to the appearance of a home. When planning the garden, there are some questions the gardener must ask beyond which type of herbs to plant. One question is “How can I make my windowsill big enough?” Another is “Which type of container should I use?”

Different Herb Garden Designs

It isn’t necessary to have a garden just for your herbs. You can mingle herbs in your flower or vegetable gardens. They assist other plants by being planted alongside them.

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