A More Resilient Simple Garden

Garden Maintenance in Spring – Get a Colourful Garden

Do you own a garden? Keep it in great shape with the maintenance services during the spring season. Hire an efficient maintenance expert who can turn your garden into a paradise.

Five Fall Gardening Projects That Take 15 Minutes or Less

Fall is a great time to winterize your home and prepare for winter. Here are some quick and effective ways that will make this task easier.

Soil To Grow Grass

Prepare your soil to grow grass. Mother Earth will require assistance in doing some house cleaning, nurturing, and feeding of the earth in order to have a beautiful carpet of grass to add finished beauty to your landscaping.

Grow Your Own Nursery Business

Have you thought about growing your own nursery? This can include shrubs, trees, and various other plants. If you have a green thumb and you wish to share the fruits of your labor with others, you can do so.

Why You Need to ‘Grow Your Own’

We live in weird and wonderful times, and the world is changing at a rate even faster than during the industrial revolution. The difference now to then, is that it is a lot harder to see the changes this time around. During the industrial age they could see the buildings go up, they could smell the changes in the air, all we have to see are a few price rises in the shops. But I believe that these price rises will continue, and unless we start to take control of these, we are going to have much harder times ahead of us.

Some of the Best Summer Annuals for Outdoor Planters

Sowing annuals in borders is an easy and cheap way of filling space during the summer months. These plants can either be sown as seeds earlier in the season or bought and planted as young plants. Either way they will keep on flowering right until the end of the season. The same thing can be done to fill outdoor planters which can then be used to brighten up patio areas or bare corners of the garden. There are many summer annuals on the market, so here are a few of my favourites; some unusual plants as well as those that will provide the best value for money.

Important Tips If You Plan to Grow Mushrooms at Home

Unlike what many people think, growing mushrooms is not nearly the same as growing ordinary crops. This does not mean that it is a difficult undertaking. Quite to the contrary it is very easy to cultivate mushrooms since they require very little attention compared to plants. It is possible for a person to grow mushrooms at home without going for any kind of training. As long as you have enough space and a place that can be kept damp, then you are all set to grow mushrooms.

Soil Does Matter

Do you have a new house on virgin soil? Are you ready to design your landscaping ideas? Have you analyzed the soil on your land? Soil does matter as it is the foundation ground for both the house and plant life.

Streamline Landscaping

Streamline your landscaping design to an affordable budget while meeting your outdoor decor needs. There is the dream landscape and there is the reality landscape. Money, time, and energy are required to maintain the lawn, gardens, trees and shrubbery.

How to Spot a Good Tree Surgeon

There are some professions where it’s almost impossible to define whether the professional you’ve hired is any good or not. When it comes to finding the right tree surgeon, this difference becomes quite important. The incompetence of one can hinder the convenience of many when you don’t make a considered and well thought out decision.

Organic Gardening Tips for Beginning Gardeners

Organic farming has become more and more popular these days partly due to increased knowledge about the benefits of organic foods. Even though organic farming has its benefits it is often a little trickier than traditional or chemical farming.

Caring For Orchids And Providing Their Basic Needs

Caring for orchids involve providing it with its basic needs. You need to know the requirement of your plant so you can provide it adequately.

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