A Pollinator Garden Must Have–‘Leading Lady Plum’ Bee Balm

Start to Grow Herbs Today

This article presents reasons why you should grow your own herbs and then goes on to explain how you can get started immediately. It gives you a step by step description of how you can grow your own herbs indoors, now.

How to Take Care of Your Lawn All Year Round

As a homeowner, you need to know that your garden is a reflection of your personality. A well kept garden shows that you are responsible and know exactly what to do with your lawn, plants and flowers and when.

Keep Your Garden Flourishing Into the Coldest Months

The coldest months of the years can be a bountiful time for organic produce and locally grown vegetables. Local produce will thrive with preparation, protection, and a little bit of a green thumb. Here are some tips for keeping up your garden during the winter months in the American southeast.

What Is a Cold Frame Greenhouse?

A cold frame greenhouse in its simplest form is a box with a transparent lid or top. It was originally built to use beside a larger heated greenhouse on a farm. The term “cold frame” comes from the difference between the larger warm greenhouse and the much smaller unheated cold frame greenhouse.

Cutting Up Firewood Easily With Hydraulic Log Splitters

Being forced to heat your home primarily through a fireplace often means that you will have to dedicate much of your precious weekends to cutting up enough firewood to keep your family warm for the next week. What if we told you that this chore could be completed quickly, allowing you to get back to all the things you’d rather be doing on the weekend?

Commonly Used Components In a Home Based Aquaponics System

There are a variety of designs used in home based aquaponics. The most common ones are grow media based systems. These are the easiest to build and can fully functional in the least amount of time.

Selecting the Perfect Location for Gardening

You love to garden, right? Take your steps carefully. Choosing a wrong location can even lead your hobby to an end. I have written this article, which is all about selecting a perfect location and preparing it for gardening.

Tomatoes Can Prevent Strokes in Men

A medical study by researchers at a Finnish university has found that people, particularly men, have a much lower risk of stroke if they eat tomatoes. The cause of stroke is usually a blood clot that blocks the supply of blood to the brain, often causing death.

Hydroponics For All – Lessons Learned

So Excited! I actually have a pea pod and more flowers on the plant growing in my kit; while the runner bean plants have already outgrown their support stick. On thinking about it, I will have to get (or make) a tall trellis structure if I’m to be successful there.

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening can be a rich and rewarding pursuit, and in and of itself is not overly difficult to begin. However, indoor gardeners have much more to consider than season and weather, because with indoor gardens, the gardener is responsible for maintaining all aspects of a healthy environment for the plants, from soil nutrition to sunlight supply, humidity to temperature, water supply to adequate drainage. When starting an indoor garden, the gardener may find that the plants, especially the delicate ones, need more than regular water and a window facing adequate sunlight. In this article, we will discuss the extra steps you can take to develop a healthy, well cared for indoor garden. Indoor plants may have unique lighting requirements when kept inside. Besides that, with proper lighting you can extend your grow season for your indoor garden from seasonal to year round. The Hortilux grow bulb touts itself as one of the leading grow bulbs on the market, both for the variety of types of lighting available and for being environmentally friendly.

Vortex Fan

Humidity can be your worst enemy when it comes to growing plants indoors. If you are growing plants indoors you need to be able to control your climate. One of the best ways to control indoor climate is with a vortex fan. V-Series, inline, and Powerfan vortex fans are all solid options for controlling your climate.

How to Prune and Harvest Herbs

Harvesting and pruning herbs is a great way to make use of herbs but it also benefits the plant. Many herbs can be harvested on a regular basis though the strongest flavor is just before the plant flowers. This is the plant’s volatile oils which gives the plants its aroma and taste, and what should be preserved.

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