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Knockout Roses – An Easy Care Rose!

Knockout roses have taken over the flower world since they were introduced late in the 20th century. They have become arguably the most popular modern rose. They were a smash hit breed upon introduction and continue to fill many gardens, arbors, and trellises throughout the world.

Peace Rose – The Most Popular Rose!

If you ask any person to name a flower, then rose will be probably hitting everyone’s mind first. There are over 100 varieties of this plant that grow mainly in the northern hemisphere. Hybrid teas are produced by cross-pollination of two different rose plants.

Grape Vine Growing Techniques: Building a Trellis System

Techniques for building a trellis system for the grape vine growing. Includes the reason for building one, how and when to build one, the materials you can use, and lots more.

Pyrcantha Plants, Perfect for Hedging, Training and Eating – Let Us Explain

Why plant Pyracantha shrubs? Generally speaking no garden is complete without a Pyracantha and there are lots of reasons to plant one of these shrubs. For those who don’t know what Pyracantha is we will start there. Pyracanthas, commonly known as ‘Firethorn’ is an evergreen shrub which has dark green leaves and large sharp thorns. It produces perfumed white flowers in later summer, but these are insufficient compared to the mass of red, orange or yellow berries it produces in autumn and winter

Poppy Seeds – The Ideal Poppies For Your Garden

No matter the season, avid gardeners are always on the lookout for new plant species and seed varieties to bring color and contrast to their environment. Choosing the ideal plants for your garden can be challenging. Don’t overlook the poppy though when considering plants. These amazing plants can be adapted to grow and flourish in so many different places that they are ideal for adding life to a bare spot or bringing color to a drab and humdrum landscape.

Annual Poppy Seeds – Tips for Growing Success

If you have not yet been bitten by the ‘poppy bug’, you are in for a surprise when you learn of the vast variety, colors, sizes, and hardiness of this lovely flower, so prized by gardeners around the world. Poppies are used to add color and depth to all sorts of landscapes and environments. There are perennials and annuals, but we will discuss here some of the finer annuals and how to propagate them.

Buy Poppies – Add Poppy Seeds To Your Eco Friendly Garden

Whether you plan to have a large meadow aglow with color, a vegetable garden, or a smaller butterfly garden, you’ll want to buy poppies to attract the insects. Bees especially are essential to pollination of all blooms. Smaller insects are food for geckos and lizards; the combination of all natures’ creatures encourages a balanced and flourishing eco system.

Buy Poppy Seeds – Add Poppies For Vivid Flower Power

If you are looking for a way to add flower power to your garden on a budget, then buy poppy seeds. Although there are many ways to change the look of your garden, poppies are wonderfully versatile and fairly inexpensive to start. The huge variety of colors, bloom sizes, heights and ability to thrive in all kinds of different environments allow for a complete change of look and feel of your garden.

California Poppy Seeds – Add Vibrant Color to Your Garden

Poppies continue to be one of the most treasured bloomers for gardeners the world over. Especially popular are those grown from California Poppy Seeds because this variety produces some of the most glorious blooms of the entire species. These seeds germinate quickly and are easy to grow. They produce a continuous stream of blooms through the growing season of early spring through fall. These wonderfully hardy poppies make a style statement for the grower, whether in borders or container gardens.

California Poppies – Plant Poppy Seeds In Your Rock Garden

Rather than buying plants, planting a variety of different California poppy seed can be a great option for your new or existing rock garden because they will germinate and grow into plants very quickly and will return year after year. This saves a great deal of money as well. Your Rock Garden will benefit from the dwarf poppy varieties which grow low to the ground and produce amazing color which will complement the rocks and taller plants by filling in empty spaces.

Perennial Poppy Seeds – Tips To Success

There are so many perennial poppy seed varieties and so many ways to use these eye popping blooms that any gardener will do well to investigate their advantages. Now that Fall is here, it is time to plan ahead for that early spring flowering spectacle you so want to produce next year.

Meconopsis Poppy Seeds – The Himalayan Poppies

Meconopsis Poppy Seeds produce a perennial plant which is by far the most beautiful herbaceous variety for your garden. They are simple to care for, and give vibrant color to even the most solemn spot in the landscape. While the lovely annual poppies last just one season, these perennial poppies provide new plants and gorgeous blooms each successive blooming season.

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