A Strange Year for Growing Squash

Pruning Tips For Healthy Trees

Trees, so long as they’re within your right to tend to, need regular pruning to keep them in shape and good health. It also minimizes the risk of falling branches. Good pruning, however, takes practice and must be conducted regularly so to help you out, we’ve outlined the basic dos and don’ts.

Gavita Pro 1000 HID DE

When you are starting your own indoor garden, you need the best equipment. With Gavita, you have just that. You will be able to provide your plants with plenty of light to keep them healthy and growing because of the quality that you have with this. You can trust the results and you will be happier with what you have in the end, and so will your plants. This can give you a bigger, more beautiful garden over time that results in less stress and much fewer issues. With the large selection available, making use of these products is not going to be difficult.

Water Tee Pees to Protect Plants and Extend Growing Seasons

Pros and Cons of using Water Tee Pees to insulate plats and extend the growing season. Setting up Water Tee Pees.

Top Ten Tomato Garden Tips

Whether you are a novice Vegetable Gardener or a Master, these tips for producing an abundant crop of tasty tomatoes will help you on your seasonal Journey. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.” – Old Japanese proverb

Artificial Ivy Plants – Low on Maintenance, Good for Craftwork and Decoration Purpose

Advancement of manufacturing technology in the development of artificial plants and flowers with real touch and look is making the purchase of such easier and more fun than ever before. With such a variety of styles and colours, there is no reason you can’t have a amazing display indoors and out all year round. Artificial Ivy is one such plant and is currently sold in high numbers.

Greenhouse Aquaponics

In the last few years, hydroponics has been much talked about as the revolutionary method of growing plants. In this method, crops are not planted in soil but are grown primarily with the use of water. Indeed, the resulting crops from this newly popular gardening method are said to be bigger, tastier and more nutritious than those grown through traditional methods.

5 Major Benefits of a Portable Chicken Coop

Most people are beginning to turn towards using portable chicken coops instead of constructing larger stationary ones. It is one of the most preferred types of coops, since you can move them from one place to another very easily. It is advisable you consider these benefits before building one.

Native Plants Pave the Path From Caterpillars to Butterflies

Nature weaves such an intriguing web. Just as a jigsaw puzzle is incomplete when a piece of the puzzle goes missing – the same happens when a food web is disrupted. This is why it is so important to plant native species of plants. Native plants attract native insects, which in turn attract native birds and other wildlife.

Use This Aquaponic Design and Turn Your Home Into a Beauty to Behold

Besides all these therapeutic benefits, plants also have a positive effect on people. This is the reason why some people go out of their way to ensure that their homes are inhabited by plants. When you decorate your home with plants, you are not just beautifying your interior with some greenery; you are enhancing the quality of your overall life.

Aquaponics Systems – The Best Way to Eat Organic Vegetables and Fresh Fish

Living healthy in a clean, green environment and eating natural organic food is a priceless gift that a small percentage of people enjoy. But now there is a fantastic, easy way to get healthy organic food, in addition to naturally raised fish without hormonal, chemical enhancement or gender change to enhance fish growth. This is known as Aquaponics System- the procedure in which you can raise natural organic vegetable or fruit in addition to healthy fish in your home. This method is very simple and affordable.

How to Create a Tranquil Garden Retreat

Gardening, for the most part, is perceived as the domain of kindly grandfather figures in shirt-sleeves. It’s the hobby of a man who gardens as a hangover of ‘Dig for Victory!’; a make do and mend generation where marrows and parsnips are taken home to be made into stew.

Trees Sure to Please in Summer

Learn what trees are proven winners for the summer landscape. They can block wind with ease, live long, have low-care requirements, suffer no bug and disease problems, and have generous canopies for cooling shade.

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