A Tour of Lilac Cottage Gardens on Mackinac Island

Growing Asparagus – Step-By-Step System

Many people are worried about growing asparagus, but growing your own asparagus isn’t as difficult as many people think. But asparagus do demand time and patience. But you will be rewarded with the freshest and best tasting asparagus you have ever had. You don’t need loads of land or any experience to grow asparagus. But it does help if you like gardening!

Scotts Fertilizer

When we speak of lawn fertilizers, let alone fertilizers in general, Scotts Fertilizer is definitely a household name. Whether you are shopping in the popular gardening stores like Lowe’s or even in a local mart, Scotts Fertilizer can never be missing on the shelf; or if it is, chances are it’s out of stock. What Are The Ingredients In Scotts Fertilizer You may be wondering why Scotts Fertilizer has made quite a name in the Home and Gardening industry.

Orchid Growing – 5 Critical Orchid Care Mistakes

If you want to your orchids to have more beautiful flowers and bloom consistently then you need to consider 5 important orchid care tips. These five things are humidity, light, ventilation, temperature and insects and disease. Orchids like humid conditions. And you should consider giving your plants an environment that provides 50% – 70% humidity.

Gardening Tips for Newbies

Decide which flowers and foods you want to grow before you begin the planting process. Are rose gardens something you’ve always wanted to grow? Do you want to have fresh herbs for your dinner every night?

Orchid Diseases and How to Spot Them

If you want your orchids to flourish then you need to provide them with ideal growing conditions. This means providing your plants with enough water, light, fertilizer, temperature and humidity. But, even then, your plants may become stressed and be vulnerable to diseases. So you need to be on your guard to check for the first signs of any disease.

How to Grow Orchids – 6 Step System

Many people wonder if growing orchids is actually difficult, the question I often hear is how to grow orchids easily. Growing orchids isn’t as difficult as many people think they are. Even though an orchid needs more attention than other houseplants, they are well worth it to grow. Orchids are beautiful flowers and if you can set up the right environment and follow some easy steps, you too can grow beautiful orchids at home.

Orchid Propagation for the Home Garden

There are six methods of propagation but only four should the home grower be concerned with. These four methods are division, aerial cutting, keiki and back bulbs division.

Planning Ahead Is Key to Enjoying Fresh Flowers All Year Long

Each year, home gardeners eagerly watch the calendar and the weather for the first signs of spring. With the remnants of slush and snow soon to be a memory, heavy jackets and gloves will be replaced with a light sweater and garden shears. But what if it was unnecessary to wait all year for spring?

Orchid Types – How to Know Which Is Suitable for You

Did you know there are over 25,000 orchid species and in excess of 100,000 hybrids orchids? Well, it’s true. But, there are two different types of orchid. One type is an terrestrial orchid. The other type is an epiphytic orchid. So what’s the difference between these two orchid types?

Scotts Lawn Care Program

If year after year you have battled your summer lawn, it’s finally time for you to consider the Scotts Lawn Care Program, and have the garden you have always wanted. Apart from the fact that during summer, the air and soil is dry making it common for your lawn to wilt and die; summer also means most of your family members spending the day outside the lawn playing around, grilling some barbeque and similar stuff. These conditions add up to the stress that your lawn may encounter during this hot and sunny season.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

So you’re interested in growing plants indoors? Well… that’s not actually shocking as growing plants indoors are becoming a trend nowadays, most especially with fluorescent grow lights. More and more are being propelled to build a miniature garden in their basement, garage or even in their attics.

Amazing Ideas for Flower Boxes

Nowadays, flower boxes have been made readily available in the market in fact you can even have it instantly at a more affordable cost. More than that, internet could be one of the best avenues to shop for these boxes. Indeed, with just a single click you can certainly have an impressive indoor garden that deserves a second look.

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