A Tour of Pleasant View Gardens

Installing Drip Irrigation in Your Garden

Drip irrigation is the most effective way to water a flower or vegetable garden. The slow trickle of water is delivered directly to the base of the plant preventing run-off or evaporation caused by most other watering methods. Installing a drip irrigation system may seem like a daunting task, but once started many will find it both fun and easy.

The Common Problems Growing Tomato Plants, How to Identify and How to Avoid Them!

Gardener’s ultimate happiness is to reap fresh produce from their tomato planting adventure. That is why it is of their utmost priority to learn about how to avoid the common problems of growing tomato plants.

Garden Fountains – Adding Life to Your Garden

One great way to make your garden stand out from others is to add a garden water fountain. Adding a garden fountain is a great and simple way to make your garden even more beautiful. The sound of the water fountain is also found to be relaxing to many gardeners, and can be a great stress reliever towards the end of the day.

The Benefits of Using Mulch in Your Garden or Landscaping

Garden mulch is an organic covering used to retain the moisture in the garden soil. As the mulch naturally degrades over time, the nutrients are absorbed by the soil and directly contribute to the longevity of the garden plants. Well laid garden mulch can also be used to improve the aesthetics of a home garden, without spending a lot of money.

Growing Flowers From Bulbs – What Variety is Right For You?

When most gardeners hear the term “bulbs” they immediately think of flowers such as tulips or Easter lilies. Though these are a couple of the flowers that can be grown from bulbs, there are many more varieties out there. Some other common bulb flowers are the dahlia, irises, anemones, amaryllis, cannas and begonias.

Ladybird Beetles, Friends of the Gardener, Offer Natural Control of Aphids

Ladybird, ladybird, fly away home…Its an old nursery rhyme that most of us are familiar with. But not everyone knows how truly beneficial the Ladybird Beetle (or Ladybug, as the species is called here in North America) is in the garden.

5 Ways to Water Your Garden Wisely

As summer approaches, and the weather seems to get more erratic every year, smart gardeners begin to take steps to ensure that the water they use for their garden gives the greatest benefit possible. Here are five easy tips on how to use water in your garden judiciously and still have a green and thriving garden all summer long.

Pineapple Tree – 4 Mistakes You Can Make While Growing Them

Pineapples despite the common misconception have nothing to do with a pineapple tree if the word tree is taken strictly. They are not hard to grow though, and while the bush doesn’t make the garden shine up in the first year, the flowers it has and the fruit in the second year makes it worth it.

Palm Trees For Your Garden

Today palms are not only becoming increasingly popular but are becoming an integral part of every landscape. The beauty and elegance of palms cannot be compared with other ornamental plants. Palms are grown for beautifying interiors of houses, house gardens, parks, large estates along road sides as potent decorative and landscape beautifying materials.

Perfect Care For Your Rose Bushes

Can you think of any flower that is more beautiful or popular than the rose? They have been loved and admired for thousands of years and around the world. Growing rose bushes is easy and rewarding. You just need a bit of know how to start you on your adventure. Soon you will be successful and neighbors will ask you how you did it.

Garden Fence Ideas

A garden fence around your flower or vegetable garden is the perfect addition to when you are needing privacy from your neighbors, protection from the animals that may want to “visit” your lawn, or from a child who may wander into the garden and to do his/her own “gardening”. The whole idea for a garden fence can become a daunting task. There are so many different styles and materials to choose from, but that also means that you are sure to find something to fit your specific needs and tastes.

Simple Ways to Enhance the Garden

If you have a penchant for gardening, then it is imperative for you to adopt good gardening techniques. It is not uncommon to see a green thumb frustrated in the area around the home once in a while.

Yard Waste For Pick Up

If you are one of the millions of people that come out to do springtime cleanup then you would also know how much debris is collected during your process just to get the yards cleared and prepped for planting and springtime in general. There are many things that happen during the winter from the tree twigs falling to the ground and the leaves collecting in the pockets of yards and under the shrubs in your yard.

An Overview of Bush Garden Style

The Australian Garden Style that so many of us know and love is the result of many different influences over the past few centuries. Without question, the current popular style didn’t simply spring up overnight; it evolved over a very long period of time. Learn more about its influences below.

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