A Variety of Spring Bulbs for Proven Winners

Floral Arrangement – Creative Mind

Creating and designing your own floral arrangement for a special tabletop centerpiece does not have to be a massive undertaking as some people might think. Most fear a creative mind does not exist within them or a hand at creativity would create a disaster if they try making a flower arrange instead of purchasing one already made.

Growing Your Plants With an LED Grow Light

LED (Light emitting diode) light bulbs have a number of important advantages over standard incandescent and fluorescent grow lights. They consume much less energy, generate almost no heat, and are able to deliver far higher lumens per watt than other types of grow lights.

Greenhouse Watering Systems

Building and growing your own plants inside a greenhouse can be a supremely satisfying experience – bordering on a type of religious fervor – that a few of us have been fortunate enough to have had. There are some key elements to keep in mind if you desire a truly grand time in your garden including greenhouse watering systems.

Aphids Control

Very small, soft body insects that are found on leaves and stems of both indoor and outdoor plants are aphids. These little guys can be almost colorless different shades of green, yellow, pink and black.

Community Gardening

The concept of community garden is something that has existed in rural setting for a very long time but for residents in urban areas, this form of gardening as a group is virtually unknown. Community gardens allow nearby residents to grow plants- often vegetables and herbs- for the benefit of themselves and the community in a common area.

How to Build a Square Foot Garden

When it comes to growing your own food most people think of a very huge garden with lots of plants. They also think of all the hard work planting, trimming, and catering to the garden but this does not have to be the case. There is no need for long endless rows of plants and crops.

The Best Leafy Greens to Plant in Your Vegetable Garden

When the weather begins to change and temperatures begin to drop and winter begins to approach most people begin to wind down the planting and gardening activates. We do not think of planting and growing vegetables during cool and cold weather and climate. You can plant and grow crops right through winter and leafy greens are best vegetables that are best suited for this.

Rose Bush Pruning – Basics

Just as your hair requires a cut or trim every so often, so does your rose plant. Rose Bush Pruning is not a difficult task but it can be under and overdone. To ensure that when you initiate a cut, the trimmers or cutters that you use are sharp.

Tips For Successfully Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are the most popular berries of all time they come second to none. The only other very popular berry that even comes close to strawberries is raspberries. Strawberries also make a very good addition to any home garden.

Seasonal Planting For Produce Throughout the Year

In order to be successful and to make your gardening adventure and endeavour a success you must posses certain qualities and values. Some of these qualities and values include diligence, patience, planning, determined, resilience, dedication, and hard work.

Your Guide to Organic Composting

Compost is simply organic materials. Compost is mainly and mostly made of organic materials such as dead plants, animals, leaves, and various other things. These organic materials are normally decomposing or have decomposed. This decomposing is normally done by aerobic means. The process of decomposition is quite simple and very easy.

Rain Gardens

Across the US, a new type of garden that uses rainwater in a different way, known as rain gardens, are becoming increasingly popular. Rain gardens allow storm water runoff to be used for plant growth and soil enrichment rather than allowing storm water to run directly into the sewage system after a shower.

When Your Dogs Have a Taste For Tomatoes

Ah, the joys of gardening, being in the outdoors, your canine companion frolicking in the yard while you tend to your tasty veggies and beautiful flowers, your cat snoozing in the shade. Unless, that is, your dog has a taste for ripe tomatoes or carrots, enjoys digging you new spaces where your snapdragons are planted, or your cat decides that your bed of annuals is the best litter box ever created.

Unwelcome Garden Visitors

Many gardens are visited by wildlife, even in urban areas, and often these visitations are beneficial; wildlife is often responsible for pollination, pest control, and soil enrichment. Sometimes, however, the visits aren’t as welcome, and your garden becomes an open buffet for the local fauna.

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