Accidental Cross Pollination

Make Statements With Stylish Pots

Pots are also planters or containers or want-pots, whatever you try to call it, it all boils down to one thing: they are pots that been around for centuries. They are gardening essentials that help maximize space especially with small gardens.

Your Garden and You – 3 Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is not a chore. While other people think of it as a hobby, some people would rather not want to be associated with it. If you love gardens or you convulse at the thought of holding a shovel, you should know gardening offers a whole range of benefits for those who are willing to try.

Why You Might Want to Start a Herb Garden

There are a whole host of reasons why someone might want to start a herb garden. Aside from the obvious reason that herbs are a delicious and healthy addition to your recipes, herb gardens are good for your health and your mind.

Lighting Your Garden

After you have put in so many hours into your garden, sitting back to enjoy it is a wonderful feeling. However, this is a feeling that only comes during the day unless you have some sort of lighting in your garden. Putting lights into a garden reveals all sorts of other problems though.

Harvesting and Storing Basil Leaves and Seeds

Basil is one of the best known and useful herbs. It grows in a warm climate and requires lots of water as well as sunlight. It is a cold sensitive plant and needs a proper environment for flowering, which leads to seed formation and subsequently these seeds can be collected and used for further cultivation.

Information on Oriental Style Garden

Basically when you create an Oriental garden, you are looking to recreate nature within the confines of your garden. If you see the gardens in China and Japan, you will realize that just limited plants are used in the garden because many of these have been designed and created by artists, poets and scholars rather than professional gardeners and botanical experts. However, each plant is carefully selected and has a meaning or symbolizes something.

Modern Garden Design – Artistic Chaos Or Design?

When it comes to designing a garden, there are two different philosophies about how to do it. One might be called art by design, This is when someone envisions their completed garden in their mind. The other philosophy might be considered artistic chaos. It involves creating a garden without a preconceived plan in mind.

Bring Big Bold Flavors to Life With an Italian Herb Garden

With an Italian herb garden in your backyard it is easy to bring a taste of Italy to your table. Italian flavor in a variety of dishes is possible when you simply add a little garnish or a sprinkle of Italian herbs to your pastas, sauces or meats. These tangy plants are some of the tastiest and most flavor filled herbs in the world. Here are just a few of the Italian cooking herbs you can grow in even a small size garden.

Create a Home Herb Garden That Delights and Satisfies

It is not surprising that so many gardeners want to include a home herb garden in even the smallest home garden design. There are a number of different herbal varieties that can easily be grown in a small area of your yard. Fresh herbs can be planted and grown either indoors or in an outdoor garden. If you have interest in the growing and harvesting of fresh herbs then this article will teach you some of the basics that you need to know

Hydroponic Gardening – Advantages and Disadvantages

In many places in the world, the soil is not conducive to growing flowers, fruits and vegetables. People in these places can opt for hydroponic gardening, which involves using nutrient solution along with water and fertilizers to grow plants. In this technique of gardening, one can also use artificial medium like vermiculite, peat, gravel or sand to afford mechanical support to the plants. However, when liquid is only used to grow the plants, then no support is used for the roots.

Fresh Market Goodness With a Herb Garden Kit

Setting up a fresh herb garden is not terribly difficult to do. Many gardening stores have a variety of herbs for you to select from. Some of these sites will even have a choice of more than one herb garden kit for you to consider.

How to Make Best Use of Drip Irrigation and Lawn Sprinklers

Taking care of a garden is not that difficult, especially if you follow some guidelines. The most important aspect of plant and lawn care is watering it. Making sure that your garden plants gets sufficient water will encourage a rich and luscious growth. Of course, you should not neglect other aspects like fertilizing and pest-control.

How to Identify and Manage the Basic Types of Garden Pests

There are good and bad garden insects, and it is important for you to identify them so that you know which insects you should encourage and which ones should be eliminated from your garden. However, some of the so-called bad insects are also food for the good ones, so you need to make sure that you do not get rid of all the food sources for the beneficial insects.

Great Herbal Gift Ideas From the Garden

One of the biggest moments in a gardener’s life is being able to share the rewards with others. Usually gardeners love to show off the fruits and vegetables they have grown as they are extremely proud of their achievements. In fact, you can make homemade gifts using the herbs from your garden to present to family and friends.

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