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How to Grow Fresh Vegetables in Your Own Backyard?

Having a vegetable garden in your own backyard has quite a few big advantages attached to it such as you are sure that you are eating something fresh and free from harmful materials and other synthesizers. Apart from this, it will also save you a lot of money because you would be harvesting fresh vegetables from your own backyard for most of the times.

Facts to Know About Growing Hardy Garden Lilies

Get ready and make room for Hardy Garden Lilies in your flowerbed garden. Enjoy blooms from early summer to early autumn.

Switch to Organic Plant Food to Have a Healthier Fruits and Vegetables

Most gardeners who are used to using chemical fertilizers on their gardens find it hard to switch to organic plant food and fertilizers to be able to grow organic vegetables and fruits but they really want to change for the better since aside from the fact that organic gardening can do good in the environment, they know that more people now wants organic foods. Some people think that organic fertilizers are not effective as the chemical fertilizers but this is not the case. Organic plant food and fertilizers just tend to work gradually so that they can…

Perennial Basil – Two Great Varieties & How to Propagate Them

Basil is known to be an annual herb, but some varieties like African Blue and Thai are termed perennial basil because they keep producing new leaves year after year. Both species are raised in tropical areas where the climate is warm and humid. Warm, tropical zones can enjoy fresh perennial basil like African Blue and Thai all year round while areas with colder climates present some challenges when it comes to raising perennial basil, but it is not impossible if you keep it sheltered throughout the winter.

Creating Microclimates to Facilitate Growth

A lot of gardeners are fortunate enough to live in areas with good soil and great climates, and everything grows without effort. Planting a few seeds, followed by regular watering results in beautiful plants for such individuals. Many gardeners though, are not so fortunate, and have a limited number of plants that thrive in their local conditions.

Planting Techniques

Just planning the layout of the garden is not enough. There is also need for you to mark out the places where you intend to plant the climbers, shrubs, tress, flowering plants, hedges, borders etc. Plants can grow out of seeds or even seedlings can be planted depending on your choice. Seeds as well as seedlings are available from different nurseries in your locality. Health of your plants and trees is guaranteed if you buy them from some of the most reputed nurseries.

Perennial Groundcovers That You Can Walk All Over

What can you buy in a grocery store that you can walk on? Why, Living Carpet groundcover plants, of course.

Choosing and Planting Perennials

Any gardener who has been tending a vegetable garden for any length of time could easily be forgiven for getting tired and bored of the never-changing way it looks. Many gardeners do begin their gardening adventures with such a garden, and quickly get frustrated with the fact their vegetable garden is not as aesthetically pleasing as they might like.

Perfect Planting Times

Desired growth of the plant can be attained only if the plants or the trees are planted during the season and time recommended. There is no doubt that plants and trees do require manure as well as the right type of soil, for attaining proper growth.

Leveling the Garden

A quiet sense of peace is attained while strolling around in your own lawn. For some it is a kind of a goal to achieve making a well kept leveled lawn.

Jobs in the Garden at the End of August

In the flower beds, it is time to take the last cuttings from the bedding geraniums. Plant them in some sheltered corner and treat them to a generous dollop of sharp sand. It’s time to stake the Michaelmas daisies that are now heavy with bloom, against wind and rain, and dust with sulphur to control mildew. Many are recommending the winter and spring-flowering crocus species that should be ordered now, because they are real jewels, and far more precious than their large globular Dutch relations.

What is a Garden Trellis and What is it Used For?

A garden trellis is a structure that is used to support different kinds of plants. You can either tie plants to the trellis or allow climbers to bind themselves to the structure.

Venus Fly Trap

This is a detailed article on how to grow and care for a Venus fly trap. This article also contains detailed information about its genus and species.

How to Plant Tomatoes – Growing Tomatoes

This is a wonderfully fulfilling pastime. Children love growing tomatoes as the plants grow rapidly and the results can be viewed and loved – plus they even eat them too.

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