Adding Color to Special Places in the Landscape

How To Start Your Own Vegetable Garden

It takes a great deal of work to start your own vegetable garden. However, if you’re successful at it, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of fresh vegetables instead of purchasing store bought. The first thing you need to do is set aside a special area with soft soil. You may want to place a little fence around this area to let people know this is where you intend to put your garden so they know not to walk in this area.

Container Gardening On Your Patio Gives You Freedom of Choice

With spring fast approaching, many folks are thinking of gardening and how to do gardening without a lot of space or even a garden plot. The answer is container gardening. Suppose you have a small patio and you’d like to have a variety of plants with easy access. Container gardening allows you to use your patio for all its other uses, as well as support your garden.

How to Know the Right Compost Tumbler Types

Compost tumbler types have evolved through time that ever since it was launched to the market, variations of it have changed and progressed. Compost bins today are already being offered in several interesting designs, styles, shapes, sizes, material, and even capacity. So from toiling and working then on just compost piles, compost tumblers have now been created to make composting much easier and more effective to do.

Seedling Mat – Here Are the Steps for Proper Use

Seeds are the very foundation to a great garden. Seeds mark the beginning to a garden, whether vegetable, herb or flower. Ideal conditions are a must to seed growth beginnings, just as everything else in life. Ideal surroundings is vital for seeds to germinate effectively.

Why Using Poppies for New Gardens Is Ideal

While the popularity of having instant gardens is on the rise, especially for gardening amateurs, it is not often that easy to access for everyday gardeners. Buying enough mature plants to fill a garden with can be incredibly expensive, and it may be a cost which you simply can’t afford. Meanwhile, part of the reward of gardening is watching an oasis thrive and mature over time. If you have a new garden or flowerbed which you want to have color in within the year, then using annual poppies such as Papaver somniferum seeds is perfect.

Why Poppies Are Perfect For Garden Amateurs

Everyone has to start out somewhere, and whether you’re taking up a new hobby or a new job, it’s great to get off on a positive track. There’s nothing worse than starting to explore a new passion only to fail, an experience which will often prevent you from trying again. For this reason poppies are absolutely wonderful for starter gardeners. They are easy to grow, will thrive in most settings, and reward just a tiny amount of care with an abundance of color through the summer season.

Easy Creations: Organic Pest Control for Your Garden

Ever dreamt of a pest-free garden without having to spend too much on commercial pesticide usage? Well, it’s quite an achievable goal. There are a lot of organic pest control products that can be simply acquired and can be created in the comforts of your own home. You can read further of this article to help you make natural organic pest control using free resources from your house.

Why Red Wiggler Worms Are the Most Favored When It Comes to Composting

There are several worm types that can be used for composting. But the one that really outshines the rest are the red wiggler worms. Red wigglers are the most favored when it comes to composting. Although Nightcrawler worms are also being used for this kind of project, red wigglers have always been considered as the best ones for the job. Other than being really efficient workers (particularly when raising red worms), they’re also very prolific breeders.

Water Dyes: Frequently Asked Questions

Water Dyes- more commonly known as pond dye or lake dye-change the color of natural water from brown or green to a to a more attractive color, with dark blue being the most popular. Pond dyes are easy and inexpensive to use. But there are questions about its uses and specs that most pond/lake owners would like to have answered before they use it. We list and answer eight such questions below.

Mushroom Growing in Odd Unused Spaces

Mushrooms can be grown in the unused odd spaces within and around the home such as cellars, unused rooms, unused garage and bathrooms. These healthful, nutrient-packed plants require no soil to grow, which makes them ideal for anyone with some unused space. So, how can you grow mushrooms successfully?

Early Spring Flower Names And Botany Facts

After a cold dreary winter season it is wonderful to see spring flowers sprout from the drab colorless ground. In early spring season signs of flowers begin to show as early as February, which can be seen if you know how to identify them.

Turning Your Old Trash Bin Into a Worm Bin

If you have an old trash bin that you think is still in good condition, then use this for a home composting project. You can definitely recycle any garbage bin and have this turned into a make-shift worm bin. Now the best compost bins homemade are typically the ones that are given more attention and appreciation. A well-made bin will be able to help you contain both organic scraps and compost worms inside it without much hassle.

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