Adding Phlox, Astilbe, and Calycanthus to the Garden! 🌿🌸 // Garden Answer

Growing Hydrangeas

Growing hydrangeas does take some special tips. Read on to find out more.

Gardening Tips For the Spring Days

Warmer days and the awakening of nature also means the start of work in the garden too. After the winter period it is necessary to perform a series of tasks to prepare yourself and your garden for gardening.

Pruning Basics Lesson #1 – Tools and Their Care

Most garden pruning cuts can be accomplished with four or five of the basic tools. Most of the pruning information in the next few lessons can be accomplished with these four or five basic tools. If you purchase high-quality tools, give them a little TLC after each use, and a tune up yearly you can increase their life span almost indefinitely.

Flower Tips – How to Take Care of Orchids

As a beginner, in order to grow and properly care for your orchid, there are some basics you will need to keep in mind. These relate to selecting the right orchid, potting media, water, light, humidity, temperature as well as fertilizer.

How to Cut and Grow Bonsai Roots

You’ll only really be able to change your bonsai roots when you are repotting your plant. It is an ideal time to cut back any excess growth during the repotting period because left to itself, bonsai roots will quickly outgrow their pot.

Facts on Brewing Herbs

Herbs are readily accessible in most health food stores. Mostly they are effective but you must learn that it is not always safe to use.

Compost Bins Are a Pain and Here’s Why

If you have ever tried composting kitchen scraps before then you you can relate when I say that compost bins are a pain. You Know what I mean that daily chore of heading way to the back of the yard day in and out just to put a few measly scraps into the composter and then have to wait 3 -4 months for any results. Not to mention the weekly chore of getting out the pitch fork just to turn over that stinky mess. What a pain right?

Drip Systems and Automatic Sprinklers For Your Garden

Water conscious people are choosing drip systems for their watering needs as a way to conserve that precious resource. Installing a drip system is relatively easy, once you have a plan.

How to Create a Butterfly Garden

Creating a butterfly garden is nowhere near as difficult as people think. There are certain plants that butterflies of all varieties are attracted to, so planting these in your garden will bring these wonderful creatures into your yard. One thing you must make sure of, however, that no cats can get in as they are notorious butterfly slayers.

How to Dry and Preserve Herbs

Are your planted herbs ready to be dried and preserved? Learn more on how to do it and you are on your way to have the essential oils you needed.

Build Your Own Greenhouse Cheap – Learn How to Build a Cheap Greenhouse the Right Way

Having a garden is about one of the top hobbies that everyone does in the spring and summer time. But what if you could have a fresh garden year round? Have you ever thought of that? Imagine having a fresh great tasting vegetable that you can cook with or just eat in the winter time… how great would that be?

Urban Composting – What is the “Recipe” For Compost?

Although composting is a fairly straight forward process, there are a certain amount of steps that need to be followed to produce a rich and useful product. You could easily toss your leaves and grass clippings into a pile, and they will eventually compost; however, this could take several years before you see results. There are various organisms involved in the composting process, and like humans, they require food, water and air.

Importance of Fulvic Acid in the Soil

In order to grow a healthy plant, one needs to provide it with proper nutrition. The acids in the soil make the plant growth continuously and rapidly with health.

Elegant Gardens Must Have a Vinyl Pergolas

Every couple has the desire to maintain their house like a paradise on earth and always feel confident about it. The surroundings you live in is a synopsis of your living habits, style, character, your upbringing and the culture, too. Be it any part of your house, even a store room, it gives the impression of your way of living to the observer.

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