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Tips on Choosing and Planting a Garden Tree

Knowing how to choose the right tree for your garden is very important. Even more so, is knowing how to plant your tree once the choice is made.

The Multi Purpose Garden Kneeling Pad

A garden kneeler seat offers that extra degree of comfort when kneeling down to take on a multitude of gardening duties. A kneeler seat, with a static or foldable design offers an effective solution to limit some of the stress and fatigue that arises from constantly stopping or bending.

Flowers – God’s Magnificent Creation

Nobody can deny the feelings a person conveys through flowers. It is so true that if you want to convey your deepest feelings for another person especially that of love, then it is best to say it with flowers than words. So what is so unique about this wonderful creation of God?

Build Your Own Greenhouse – Does it Make Sense For You?

Are you motivated by the thought of being able to grow your plants year round, while never having to worry about pests getting your garden? If you answered yes, then maybe you should think about whether to build your own greenhouse. If you’re an avid gardener with the desire to take control over the growing seasons, then this may be your solution.

Bug Solutions For Your Garden

From the ’40s when pesticides were introduced to today, there has been a steady decline in pesticides’ effectiveness (except we know more about their effect on us and it’s not good). So farmers, who face greater economic risks than we do, began exploring other ways to solve the problem. Their answer was IPM, or Integrated Plant Management.

My Ideal Herb Garden

If you could plant your ideal garden, what would be in it? Here are a few things I would love to grow and why.

How to Produce Your Own Herbs

Herbs are very popular nowadays. Unlike other plants, they are not judged solely for their aesthetic value, but for their medicinal purposes.

Choosing the Right Mini Greenhouse

If you’re like most plant lovers then chances are good that you dread the winter season and the cold weather that it brings. While most people recognize winter as an opportunity for Mother Nature to supply us with much needed rainwater, it’s hard not to get discouraged at the thought of our plants going to rest. Fortunately, there is a way to keep your plants thriving through the winter months by installing a mini greenhouse.

Pruning Lesson #4 – The Why and How of Pruning Roses

Growing roses is not difficult if you have selected varieties that grow well in your climate zone. Annual pruning of roses helps to improve the health and increase the life-span of your plants.

How to Feed Your Container Kitchen Garden For the Best Yields

Growing vegetables in containers presents a number of challenges for the urban gardener and following water, the most important is the need to feed your crop and more specifically, to feed it the right nutrients at the right time. Sadly, I don’t believe that for a kitchen garden it’s really good enough to broadcast a slow release general fertilizer at the beginning of the season and have done with it. Ignoring for the moment my decided preference for organic and naturally sourced fertilizers, lets just look at why a slow release general purpose fertilizer isn’t good enough.

Gardenias – Some Tips on How to Grow Them

For anyone blessed with a green thumb, your gardenias are going to be items of beauty with their white-colored scented blooms. How do you get nice gardenias?

AeroGarden Pro 100 – Do Away With Expensive Grocery Store Produce!

No more back breaking work that traditional gardens require. Discover how you can save time, money, and energy with the AeroGarden Pro 100!

Little Bit About Grass in the Garden

We are all happy that the spring is almost here. A bit of winter is still with us but we are more likely to think about warm, sunny days and green grass in our garden. But what do we know about the grass – do we know how to take care of it to make it look stunning? Let’s find out.

Grow Beautiful Juicy Strawberries Indoors and Year Round With a Hanging Strawberry Planter

Anyone who has ever planted strawberries knows that they have a specific and short growing season. However, those days are over thanks to a new development from a U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Scientist. You can grow beautiful juicy strawberries indoors and year round with a hanging strawberry planter.

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