Amazel Basil–Finally a Downy Mildew Resistant Italian Sweet Basil!

Compost Bins – The Composter’s Secret to Success

There is nothing hard to composting. If you pile it, meaning organic matter, it will rot. That is how bacteria keep the world clean and working. However, if you want a lot of compost for your garden, compost bins hold the secret to success.

Need Tree Service? How To Choose The Best For Tree Removal Or Any Other Business Service

In a few days I will be opening up a new blog. About a week ago I met an amazing person, Coleman Tatum. You see I needed a tree taken down at one of my rental properties. Lightning had struck it and it was in danger of falling on my house.

Compost Worms: The Easiest Way to Automate Your Compost Pile

The easiest way to automate your compost pile is to use worms. The two species of worms to use are Eisenia fetida and Eisenia hortensis. Basically take a couple pounds of worms and put them directly into your compost pile, and they’ll turn, breakdown and process all that organic matter for you without all the hassle of a traditional compost pile.

Organic Vegetable Gardening – The Benefits Of What You Don’t Get

Organic vegetable gardening is one way to enjoy the health benefits of fresh produce. Although there are conflicting studies over the nutritional superiority of organics there is no question that the real benefit is what you don’t get when you grow organically.

Soil Ph: Acid or Alkaline

Knowing the Ph of one’s soil is important. If the soil is too acid, or too alkaline, very little will grow in it. One will be disappointed, if one has had dreams of having a beautiful garden, or bountiful harvest of vegetables.

Compelling Reasons To Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables

I am sure that many people will look at the title and think to themselves this seems like a lot of work and I just as soon go to the market. True not everyone wants a vegetable garden but there are many reasons why you should.

Planning That First Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables has got to be the ultimate way to enhance the flavor of any meal. There is nothing compared to the taste of a vegetable just picked and then brought into the kitchen and prepared as part of a meal.

Earthworms – Creating A Healthy Environment

Earthworms greatly benefit the natural environment, dramatically alter the structure of soil, and are a good indicator that a soil quality is healthy. They are also extremely sensitive to environmental pollutants, and unfortunately due to pollution caused from toxins in chemical herbicides and pesticides earthworms can become eliminated for a gardens soil.

The Biggest Cause Of Weeds In the Vegetable Garden

Weeds; the bane of every vegetable gardener. The thought of spending hours every week trying to rid and control weeds is one garden nightmare we could all do with out.

A New Vegetable Garden In A Weekend

Would you like to build a new vegetable garden in just a weekend from any place in your yard with out tilling, pulling out the lawn, or building huge soil filled boxes? Well you can and it is a lot easier than you would think.

Hay Bale Measurements

Hay bale sizes definitely vary. In choosing hay bales, a consumer should take into consideration the materials, shape, dryness and the market’s supply and demand concept where the hay bales are being purchased.

Ordering Garden Seeds

While winter seems to last forever it really won’t and February is the time you want to get your garden seed orders in. The sooner you order the sooner you will have your seeds on hand for when you are ready to plant.

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