Amazing Brassica Diversity

The Love of Gardens

Like the love of music, books and pictures, the love of gardens comes with culture and leisure and with the ripening of the home life. The love of gardens, as of every other beautiful and refining thing, must increase to the end of time.

The Health Benefits of Potatoes Are Greater Than You Might Think

The lowly Irish potato is a highly nutritious vegetable that is more than just a delicious accompaniment to a meal. In fact the health benefits of potatoes are so great, you could describe them as “underground health superstars”.

Soil pH: What It Tells You – And What It Doesn’t

Soil pH is a hot topic among gardeners. People talk about how ‘acidic’ or how ‘alkanine’ their soil is but they don’t always consider other factors that are essential to proper soil management.

Bonsai Tree Root Pruning

Step-by-step instructions on how to prune the roots of a bonsai tree. Find out when and how to prune a bonsai tree’s roots in order to keep it healthy and growing well.

Die-Hard Southern California Gardeners Can Keep Busy in December

Southern California gardens will do fine without much care in December, but dedicated gardeners can still keep busy as winter takes hold. Keep An Eye On the Weather: Although December 21 is the first day of winter, December can also bring temperatures in the 80s in Southern California. If a heat wave hits, keep your plants well watered.

Sheds For A Winters Day

When considering what to buy in the way of a new garden shed it is sometimes worth looking at what has been made in the past and how the ingenuity of man has surpassed the normal obvious boundaries of what can be made and used. A visit to the Coast will show that the old boats which passed their sell by date or finished their working life were cut in half turned upside down and a floor fitted and double doors fitted on the front.

Aquaponics – A Hobby for Anyone

Aquaponics gardening is a great hobby for people in all walks of life. It can be set up for children, working adults, and retired seniors.

Tips for Preparing Your Lawn, Plants, Trees and Furniture for Winter

Every year, as the weather changes, there are many steps that homeowners take to winterize their yards, gardens and protect their patio furniture. Below are a few tips to help.

How To Make A Do It Yourself Patio

You can make building a patio an easy task if you are a prepared diy person who has great ideas, finds out the best prices and knows how much the tiles, brick, concrete and paver is going to be. Also, if you have good ideas on your designs, you are on your way to making a do it yourself patio. Think of all the things you can get at discounted prices for on the patio such as a wrought iron bistro set, outdoor patio furniture and covers for it.

Growing Tomatoes With Companion Plants

Most of us value good companions in life; but not everyone realizes that plants also appreciate good companions. For some it will be a revelation to discover that like humans, plants also need companions that will shelter them, support them, and help them survive by providing nutrients, often attracting insects that will pollinate their companions, and even chase away bugs that might be detrimental.

Tomato Madness

Tomatoes are grown by more gardeners than any other vegetable. The taste of a homegrown, vine-ripened tomato just can’t be beat. To ensure that you get the best tomato from your garden, try a few of these simple growing tips:

How Water Impacts the Growth of Tomatoes

As a home gardener, you know that conditions often have to be perfect to yield the desired results. From sun to soil to temperature, everything must be just right for your tomato plant to grow. The one element that many home gardeners struggle with most is watering.

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