Amending Soil to Grow Potatoes – Part 4 of the Potato Grow Bag Trials

How to Build a Homemade Hydroponics System

Using hydroponics systems will allow your plants to grow about 50% faster than they would in regular soil. Hydroponics also yields better harvests because nutrients are delivered directly to the plants. Using hydroponics is the best way to garden for city dwellers like us with no worries about soil and space – just the plants!

Hydroponics to Achieve Improved Fruits and Vegetable For Your Dinner Table

Hydroponics is the method of gardening that benefits not only your dinner table but your environment as well. This is the growing medium for plants that is used where the ground or climate in a region cannot normally support the growing of plant life. This is a technology that is mainly used by greenhouse and home hobbyists.

Instant Flower Hanging Baskets

It is hard to ignore those beautiful flower filled hanging baskets that come out every springtime. They may look like they would be a challenge to create, but really they are rather simple to put together. With the proper potting soil and basket, an assortment of flowers, and a little bit of water, you can enjoy the spectacular sights and aromas all summer long. So waste no more time, gather up your supplies, and see for yourself how quickly you can put together your own hanging basket filled with flowers.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Growing Rhubarb

With a quick search on various food recipe sites I was amazed to see the number of different dishes you can create with Rhubarb. Usually rhubarb was always reserved for pies in my household, but you can do so much more with it. I find rhubarb will grow best for you if you can pick up a few starter plants from a local home or garden center.

Autumn – Preparing Your Garden For Winter

By the fall many people’s minds may stray from gardening, but you should be preparing your garden for winter. The weather is usually great in September, October, and even November may have some great days before frost comes and the ground freezes. Preparing your garden for its winter snooze will help it come rapidly to live in the spring!

Effective Organic Gardening Pest Control For Fruit – Bearing Trees

Are pests making a frenzy party on your fruit-bearing trees even before you can harvest their fruits? Stop the damage now. You can safely and naturally control, if not eliminate, these pests through purely organic methods. Read this article to know the most common fruit-tree pests and how to deal with them.

Herb Garden Plants – American Mandrake – Handle With Caution

An early season flowering plant, the American Mandrake reaches a height of about 50cm only after it has flowered. Towards Autumn the leaves will mature into a distinctive deep red colour, making for an attractive late Summer display. These 25cm wide leaves broad leaves bear prominent veins.

The Ever Popular Basil Herbs

Basil herbs is actually derived from a Greek word which means “King” (or basileus). Some origins of the word suggest that ancient Greeks and Romans associated the word and thus the herb as something malicious. Some myths concluded that one must yell and curse before any herb plants would grow from the seeds. While that was proven to be untrue, it’s hard to deny that basil herbs are still a rather pungent spice, if not particularly angry.

Cheap, Easy, and Efficient Water Conservation With Rainwater Harvesting For Your Home Herb Garden

Rapid increase of water consumption due to population explosion and urbanization has added to water woes. Water a precious natural resource needs conservation like any other resources of our planet earth though it occupies two third of the earth’s surface.

Controlling Herb Harvest and Preparation

Different herbs call for different measures. Knowing the best way on how to handle, harvest, and prepare specific plants will definitely maximize each herb’s flavoring effects on dishes.

Nothing, But Nothing Compares With a Home Herb Garden

Nothing compares to a home herb garden-but why? What are the advantages to growing your own herbs over buying products at the health food store? First let’s discuss the general advantages of using herbs themselves before we move on to the benefits of a home herb garden. Herbs smell and taste wonderful. Some claim that herbs help them spiritually and emotionally, while others just enjoy the physical benefits or sensations of these extracts.

Indoor Gardening Secrets of a Successful Glass Terrarium

A big secret to successful indoor gardening in a glass terrarium starts before the first plant is even purchased. Yes, plant selection is important but choosing an appropriate container and following the correct four step layering process helps the garden flourish.

Using a Misting System to Root Softwood Cuttings – Part 1

Prior to misting systems, nursery owners and plant propagators had to use other methods such as wooden boxes with glass or plastic covers over them. These covers kept the cuttings in a moist environment which allowed them to root. Intermittent mist allows the propagator more control over the conditions the cuttings are in.

Garden Supplies – A Beginner’s Inventory

If you are planning on creating a garden space for the first time, chances are that you will need some tools to help get you started. As you can imagine, there are many types of garden supplies, ranging from simple and inexpensive to very pricey. This article will walk you through a few of the basic supplies to be aware of as your garden takes shape.

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