An Update on Bloomerang Deep Purple Reblooming Lilac

The Key to Greenhouse Effectiveness

Developing the green thumb is using the right techniques in caring for plants. One of the best strategies in nurturing plants is utilizing staging units.

Natures Fertilizer For House Plants

We protect our plants from cold and drafts in the winter. We water them faithfully and provide all the tender loving care we can. Even with all of the protection and care we provide, we cannot provide them with the nutrients they would receive from mother nature. Or can we?

Waterproof Planter Liners For Your Planter Boxes

Commercial planters are the most highly regarded planter boxes today. They are made with great quality and are composed of durable materials. They are commonly used in business abodes today not only because of their quality and durability but also with their modern designs and extra features such as waterproof planter liners.

Fruit Trees for Northern Latitudes

With the exception of citrus, fruits that grow on trees are indigenous to temperate zones. In fact, fruit trees require exposure to a certain number of hours below freezing in order to produce a crop the following year.

Sustainable Gardening – Biodiversity In The Garden

Biodiversity, all varieties of life on earth and at all levels. It includes all species of life, even organisms like fungi and microbes. Biodiversity is very important, habitats and the species they attract all play a very important in maintaining a healthy ecosystem in all areas of the world, even remote areas.

Solar Heating For Your Greenhouse

All greenhouses are solar heated during warm sunny days but most of this heat will be lost if the insulation is poorly done or the evenings are very cold. There are many techniques for reducing the heat cost of your greenhouse.

The Thailand Parrot Flower

A lot of people today have heard about a mysterious flower that is said to come from the country of Thailand. Many believe that the the Thailand Parrot Flower, since it can only be seen in photos, is not actually a real species because they believe the images of it have been created as part of a hoax of some sort. There was intense debate in the first decade of the 2000’s as many people began to question whether or not this particular flower was actually real.

5 Vegetables That Thrive in Containers

Almost all vegetables can be grown in containers depending on your initiatives and favorable climate for the kind of vegetables you want to plant. Although container vegetables are easy to manage, it’s a little bit tedious because container gardens needs more frequent watering, as water easily dries up in the soil of the containers than in the garden. To maintain a balance of your water supply in containers, you should always water the pot before the entire soil becomes dry to avoid plant damage. A rich soil should be used in your soil mix to enjoy a healthy plant growth.

The Beginner Vegetable Garden – 7 Simple Strategies for Success

Planning your first vegetable garden? Bypass all the common pitfalls and ensure your success (and enjoyment) by trying these seven simple strategies.

Vertical Structures in the Vegetable Garden

The structure of a vegetable garden doesn’t have to be a flat surface of soil where you grow your vegetables. Building vertical structures within the area such as arches, trellises, raised areas and frames will give your garden “height”. This not only makes your garden look good, it is also very practical because it helps to produce more crops. By building structures you are able to have a vertical garden which not only increases your produce per square metre since it allows you to have more space to plant in the ground.

Selecting the Best Variety and How to Grow Grapes at Home

Having to train how to grow grapes at home is a delightful passion you could have. Knowing the variety that best fits your character, here are the details of the different behaviors and habits of grape vines. Selecting which variety would you prefer to be crawling at your home reflects yourself. It is always a plus to learn about the varieties and how to grow grapes at home that would best suite with the landscape of your home.

Growing Organic Potatoes

Spuds – nickname for potatoes – derived from the Latin “spad” which means sword. Our word “spade” comes from this word which is a “sword which is stuck into the ground” to open the hole for the potato. Sometime in the 19th century “spud” – an Irish digging implement used to plant potatoes – and “potato” became synonymous. Read about growing organic potatoes in this article.

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