An Urban Fairy Garden To Enjoy All Year!

Tips on Watering Orchids

Orchid plants are very beautiful especially after blooming. An exotic appearance is given by the orchid both in the inner and outer petals. In order to maintain the beauty of the orchid, it is important that you should water it properly.

Controlling The Greenhouse Environment

The temperature inside a green house can quickly rocket out of control on sunny days in spring and summer, sometimes soaring to over 120 degree Fahrenheit. Equally, in winter it can drop low enough to cause damage to frost tender plants. Use the following strategies to keep the temperature in the greenhouse under control. There are three basic methods you can use to prevent overheating in the greenhouse, ventilation, shading and damping down. Providing ventilation is the best way to control temperatures during the early days of spring. Opening a roof vent and a vent in the side of the greenhouse will allow the hot, humid air that has risen to the top of the greenhouse to escape, while at the same time drawing cooler, dryer air through the side vents.

Advantages of Having Greenhouses

When it is down to money sense, greenhouses are viable for producing a variety of vegetable products, herbs and other fruits all in a controlled environment. They provide the right conditions in terms of sunlight and water. This means that everything happens in a controlled environment.

Problems In Greenhouse Gardening

The greenhouse offers perfect breeding ground for many pests and diseases. Many can be prevented by growing the cops so that they are vigorous enough to withstand most problems, but some insects and diseases will need to be controlled. There are many things you can do to prevent pests and diseases taking over. Keep the growing environment as clean and uncluttered as possible, clearing away rubbish and washing and sterilizing used pots. In the winter, clear out the greenhouse and give it a thorough clean, wash down the insides with a garden disinfectant and scrub all the surfaces, including the path, benches and frame.

Running a Greenhouse Garden

When you look at it in money terms, you will realize that having a greenhouse will work well when you intend to produce vegetable products, domestic herbs and a variety of fruits. They are right for tending to young plants because they help make the right conditions regarding solar and water. They are crucial if you want to grow your own subsistence food.

Pruning Grapes – The Essential Factor

In achieving grapes that are healthy and great tasting, one facet that you need to give undivided attention to is maintenance. This includes making sure that no pest bother your grapes and that they have the best nutrients needed for growth. In addition to all that was mentioned, you also need to zone in on pruning grapes. This is the one process that will ensure the development of great tasting grapes and wine.

About Repotting Orchids

Repotting orchids is a process that takes practice that all farmers require to learn for successful growth of their plants. This practice is essential for healthy growing of your plants but you should only do it when it is necessary.

Squirrels – A Garden Constant

No matter how you slice it if you have a garden and trees within a quarter mile of where you live you will have squirrels. Heck you can have ground squirrels when there are no trees around.

Winter Blahs

No matter how much I try there are just some days when I want to get outside and do something positive in the garden but because of the snow and cold it is impossible, those are the days I suffer from the blahs. I am outside most days as part of my job and I think I would go crazy if I had to sit behind a desk all day.

Companion Planting – Easy to Do

I am sure you have heard about companion planting but you may not know the benefits of the centuries old gardening technique. Certain plants it has been found benefit when planted next to each other some of these help repel pests others invite pollinators such as bees and butterflies some are even good for the soil.

Disposing Of Wood Ash In The Garden

For those who burn wood in a fireplace or a stove there comes a time when you must get rid of the residual that is left over. This is commonly known as wood ash.

Designing A Sensory Garden

A sensory garden is one that is designed using plants that have special sensory qualities plants that will stimulate our sense of sight, smell, touch, or taste. The idea of using plants that are especially suited to stimulating responses from our senses not only makes for a pleasing area for us to visit but will attract desirable wild life such as butterflies and humming birds as well adding even more sensory stimulants to the garden.

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