Annual Varieties that Attract Wildlife

Caring for Fresh Cut Flowers

How to care for cut flowers in a step-by-step guide. Includes advice to help consumers prolong the vase life of flowers.

Top Tips for Protecting Your Lawn After You Buy Turf

If you buy turf online, it is imperative that you are aware of how best to look after it. Any homeowner who is laying turf should also purchase the requisite lawn care products for the job.

How to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew mostly appears on the stems and leaves of plants and is a problem for hydroponic gardeners as it can stress plants and inhibit photosynthesis. It normally appears seven to ten days after infection, is caused by high humidity, plant overcrowding, and poor air circulation. There are several ways to deal with it.

Rose Cuttings for Rooting

Rooting rose cuttings have a reputation for being a bit challenging, that’s true. But there is good news, rooting these cuttings can be a successful endeavor if you have the perseverance in growing your very own. Roses are well loved flowers the world over and just from cuttings, you may be able to multiply them into inspiring flowering plants.

Orchid Clips – Styles and How to Use Them

Orchids are beautiful flowers with long stems. These stems are often the problem that many people find with the flowers. They want to figure out how to best hold the stem up so that the flowers look attractive when shown to others.

What To Do In Your Garden This October

October is usually about cleaning up the garden or allotment and getting ready for next year. But with the mild days we are having, we can still plant the last of our lawn seed, consider sowing winter hardy vegetables and get some colour in your garden by using winter bedding plants. October is a great time to start making soups with the ends of the summer vegetables and is a time to be harvesting the autumn vegetables before the frost sets in.

Nurturing Bonsai Seedlings

Adequate sunlight is needed for bonsai seedlings to grow into effective bonsai trees. Neon tubes that emanate blue and red colors can be used to provide light and help them grow indoors for a period. Bring them into the sunlight when you see that the climate is just right.

Vegetable Garden Fertilizer: Tips for Greater Productivity

The richer the soil, the tastier vegetables in your garden. It means, the more minerals in your soil the more complex the taste of your vegetables. Organic or non organic. It is totally up to you.

Free Greenhouse Plans – Build Your Own Greenhouse

There are many different ways to build a greenhouse, and if you plan to build one using a set there are some things that you may want to keep in mind when choosing the right ones for your project. There are a number of free greenhouse plans available, and we’ll offer some greenhouse tips that are helpful in building a greenhouse. The nice thing about using greenhouse plans is that you likely have all, most, or some of the tools needed on hand.

I Need to Air-Cool My Lights, What Size Fan Should I Use?

If you’re new to indoor gardening and are designing a grow room, you need to plan for air-cooling your lights to maintain proper temperatures, humidity levels, and air exchange. Although there are many configurations, it basically comes down to bringing cool air into your grow area and ducting the hot air outside.

Are One Part Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions for Beginners?

Beginning indoor gardeners visiting a hydroponic store may have a tough time deciding between one part, two part, or three part nutrient solutions. Even when people are just starting out, they want the biggest yields possible and it turns out the best choice is personal.

Things To Consider When Growing Grapes At Your Own Backyard

If you love to drink wine, then why don’t you try growing grapes at your own backyard and make your own wines? For sure, you will enjoy growing your own grapes and making your own wines. Aside from that, you can also earn additional profit by selling fresh grape fruits, dried fruits, jellies, wines, and other products made from grapes.

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