Another Colorful Container for Fall

The Best Times To Plant Garden Plants

There’s certain times in which it’s best to plant trees, shrubs, perennials and fern plants. We enjoy offering you helpful tips on the proper times on when you plant your trees.

Weed Control on the Japanese Knotweed

There are some very effective ways to control the herbaceous Japanese Knotweed if it is too difficult to eradicate it completely from the garden. The professional contractor for removing the knotweed species from a garden may use various methods which include herbicide and excavation.

The Good Side of the Japanese Knotweed

On the other hand, there are good uses of the Japanese knotweed. Its shoots are tender and edible which make a delightful dish that tastes like rhubarb. Even in mature stems, the rind can be peeled off to indulge in the softer shoot as a vegetable dish. The peeled grind can be made into jams like marmalade, sauces and soups.

Skilled Contractors to Remove Japanese Knotweed

The Japanese knotweed is a notorious weed species which require skilled experts in its removal. Experienced and knowledgeable removal contractors who specialize in eradicating the knotweed plant are necessary to ensure an effective removal for lasting results. The company chosen to eradicate the weed plant must have enough personnel to overcome the presence of the weeds.

Top Issues About the Japanese Knotweed

There may have been a subtle trickery with the Japanese Knotweed when it was first viewed at its native lands in Asia. It looked pretty and harmless in its sizable display on volcanic slopes in Japan, Korea and China. But when it came over to the USA, the UK and Europe, the Japanese seemed to have changed its colors.

Tips for Focusing Your Photographic Efforts on Your Garden

There are many good reasons to focus your photographic efforts on your garden. Thankfully, new compact digital cameras and smartphone cameras make it easier, and more affordable, than ever.

Can I Restore an Old Overgrown Hedge?

Old hedges often become weed filled, gappy and too large to be useful. Some can be restored to become useful and attractive boundaries once again. I suggest which can be restored and how.

What Is Poly Deer Fencing?

Polypropylene came about in 1954 for use on chairs and other furniture. It has only more recently been discovered to be an extremely effective material for outdoor fencing due to its flexibility and strength that puts it in a category of its own.

Choosing The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This article is about getting an education on the different types of cordless hedge trimmers that are available. A few of the main attraction option features that they all have. And some guidelines to help one decide which trimmer would be ideal for a particular application.

Log Cabin FAQ

Whether you are looking to house a gym, play room or a guest house, an elegant range of premium quality log buildings with the home office and leisure building in mind. Multi purpose home offices then a log cabin is the ideal solution.

Topsoil Tips: When to Switch to a Raised Garden Bed

Plants are picky about the ground that they grow on. They need just the right amounts of water, sunlight, and topsoil. Sometimes, the existing earth in your garden is too much trouble and a raised bed seems to be the only option. Here are a few things to consider before making up your mind.

Types of Mint to Grow

There is more to growing mint than the common peppermint most people are familiar with. Learn about the different types of mint for the garden and how they can be used. Mint has more applications and power than most people realize.

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