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Tips on Planting Your Roses

Roses are my favorite flowers in any colors and sizes. There are nine major classes of garden roses. These are…

Care of Bonsai Trees – I Found Out It’s All About Location!

When I got my first bonsai, I mistakenly thought that it was a house plant, and just like all my other pot plants, that it would be best if I kept it inside. I should have been asking the question: What are the basic differences between the care of bonsai trees and ordinary house plants?

Tomato Growing Tips For Tastier Harvests

Growing tomatoes is one thing. To grow the best, delicious, juiciest tomatoes takes a certain amount of skill, and knowledge. There are endless tips and tricks for optimizing your tomato harvests, and here I will outline some popular, time-tested tomato growing tips.

Hydroponic Grow Systems – How to Build Your Own

Want to learn how to build your very own hydroponic grow system? Here are some quick and easy step-by-step tips that will get you planting in no time.

Green Thumb – General Hydroponics

Crazy about gardening? Want to cultivate plants where you live but don’t have enough space? Did you know that you can learn to grow your own little lush paradise without the use of soil? Impossible? With general hydroponics, it’s not!

Chainsaw Injuries and Fatalities Continue, But Why? This Need Not Be

The CDC report on “Morbidity and Mortality” in Tree Care, April 2009, cites improper training of tree workers, and this should include do it yourself homeowners. There is a solution to unsafe practices.

How to Select Plants For Your Perennial Garden

When deciding what to plant in your perennial garden, there is research that is needed to be done to make a deliberate choice. We look at all the luscious photo in plant catalogs or see all the irresistible plants at the local garden center, but are they really what will grow best in the garden we want to create.

Want to Know the Incredible Story of Home Herb Gardening? The Journey of Growing Herbs Begins Here

So you want to know how far back in time home herb gardening goes? I can understand your curiosity. I found myself in a state of amazement when I found out the revealing facts on how to grow herbs at home that I’d like to share with you.

Modern Herb Gardening – The Origins

Herb gardening has been in practice throughout history. Ancient people paid considerable attention towards herbs and used them extensively in their day to day life.

The Art of Extraction – How to Remove Aloe Vera Gel

Here, we will discuss how to remove the gel from an aloe vera plant. Contained in this article are step by step instructions on how to successfully remove and store aloe vera gel without wasting any of the plant.

The Best Way of Using Garden Shed Plans

If you’re considering building your own shed, you’ll want to find a good set of garden shed plans before you start work or purchase any materials. This article should help you get organized enough so that your garden shed building is as smooth a process as possible.

A Revolutionary Way of Growing Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes have traditionally involved planting them in pots and pans or growing them in straight from the ground, planted in neat rows. In recent times however, horticulturists and farmers have seen the benefits of planting tomatoes upside down.

Is Early Spring Vegetable Gardening Really Possible?

There is one time of year in which many people have confusion when it comes to gardening. Is early spring vegetable gardening really possible? The simple answer to that is yes, it is. In fact, early spring vegetable gardening can be extremely enjoyable whilst also providing you with a good supply of fresh veggies.

The Benefits of Using Herb Garden Kits

Herb garden kits have been growing in popularity, as more and more people have been catching on to a great way to grow herbs at home. Those who have not caught the bug yet, simply need to know what they are missing. There are so many benefits to growing your own herbs at home.

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