Aquafarm Review Pt. 2

A Little History Of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have been around for a very, very long time and were even one of the world’s first musical instruments. They are now enjoyed for their soothing and earthly sounds which are great for meditating or just for sitting back and relaxing to their beautiful sounds.

The Ideal Design Layout for a Small Garden

Everyone loves a beautiful garden whether big or small. Designing your ideal garden is easy when proper planning is done in advance. A small patio garden is very private and easy to maintain, depending on where you would like your garden to be laid out. If you are living in a small complex where there is no space for a garden, you can design the garden on your patio. If you have small but enough space, then go on and design the ideal garden you want.

Tips on Caring for Wind Chimes

Well, you’ve finally found the perfect set of wind chimes that you’ve been looking for. You have hung them in the perfect spot in your garden or on your patio and have been enjoying their beautiful sounds. But now you should have some tips on how to care for them.

Making Compost From Grass Cuttings

Turning grass cuttings into compost after mowing your lawn can be a complicated task as usually you need to mix them with other forms of waste matter. It is advisable to make a compost pile in which no more than a third is made up of grass cuttings.

Utilizing a Greenhouse for Stargazing

Greenhouses are typically thought of as structures solely for growing plants. However, thinking of a greenhouse in the simplest of terms, a glass structure, will open the door to the limitless possibilities greenhouses have to offer.

Greenhouse Ventilation – Why Is It Important?

There are a number of factors to consider for creating the optimal climate inside your greenhouse. One of the most important aspects of climate is air quality. To achieve the desired air quality for your greenhouse garden to thrive you need ventilation.

Grow Healthy Food Without Soil Using Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a system of growing plants without soil. The aquaponics system combines hydroponics and aquaculture to grow vegetables and fish.

Why Should I Use Organic Fertilizer?

Many of us are concerned about how safe our home garden’s fertilizer is. We want to grow our own healthy veggies, but don’t want to add to the problem of illness and pesticide poisoning.

Sounds of Silence? No Way!

The average Joe may really enjoy the sounds of silence and of course I do too, when I need to get away from the everyday grind that is being a homemaker. Yes, sometimes we homemakers need a little time for ourselves too. But something that is welcome to break that silence for me is the sound of my wind chimes being tickled by the breezes.

November Brings Full Fall Gardening Schedule

With shorter fall days, it can be a challenge to find time to complete all that needs to be done in the garden before winter. Add Mulch Around Trees: Spread several inches of organic mulch around trees to the tree’s drip line (the outermost circumference around a tree’s branches). Leave at least three or four inches of exposed soil around the trunk base.

Which Greenhouse Design Best Suits Your Backyard?

Building a greenhouse in your backyard will require the consideration of what design will suit your needs and characteristics of your property. There a number of designs to consider.

Yacon Tubers – A Refreshing Winter Treat

Yacón is a plant with interesting sweet-potato-like tubers that have the texture of water chestnuts yet with the sweet taste of a pear. Learn how to plant, harvest, and eat this unique vegetable.

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