Are Bush Beans Worth Growing?

Grow Rosemary Herb in Your Home Garden For Its Miraculous Healing Power

In ancient days, a Hungarian queen used rosemary alcoholic water for body cure, which later became popular as Hungarian water. Europeans used rosemary as a perfume in 13th century. The plant was used in various religious activities by Greeks and Romans alike. It was known as a symbol of fidelity and is still popular in religious ceremonies in southern Spain.

Discover the Secrets to Grow Herb Garden Plants and Produce Healthy Thriving Herbs

Just as other plants grow as annuals, biennials and perennials, herb garden plants do as well. Each herb is a unique variety. Research about the herbs that interest you the most will let you give it the care it needs and use it to the best advantage.

Benefits of Your Own Herb Garden Kit

An herb garden kit can be the fastest way to help you realize the benefits of herbs. Some people have tried to learn as they go, but because plants take time, mistakes can really slow the process. For those people that either don’t have the time to collect the necessary pieces, or for people that just aren’t sure what to do, a kit can make all the difference.

All About Herb Growing

Many people think that you need to know a lot about herb growing in order to produce fresh herbs as well as a large garden area in which to plant them. Not at all. Herb growing is really very easy and can be done inside or out with great results.

Is Shredded Rubber Mulch Good For Organic Gardens?

Shredded rubber mulch might look like a great idea for your green gardening initiatives. After all, this recycled mulch helps you reuse old tires, and mulching is great for your garden, right? Well, there’s another side to it. Here’s why.

The Gardener – Gifts For Gardeners

The gardener enjoys gifts as much as anyone else. Simple items like decorative pots, gloves or basic tools will make a great thoughtful gift that can be very useful to organic gardeners. Gifts for the gardener is a great way to let them know you appreciate all the hard work they have done throughout the growing season to provide fresh crops of flowers, herbs and vegetables to the household.

A Culinary Herbs Guide

Herbs for Western cooking differ from herbs used in Oriental or South American style cooking. Oregano adds a robust aroma to meats while thyme and rosemary do not overpower the delicate flavor of fish.

Cat-Away Solution For Your Herb Garden

Cats generally don’t eat garden plants (except catnip), but they can be a problem when they dig into the soft soil of garden beds. To discourage them before they get in the habit, try this peppery mixture. Toronto master gardener Mary Johns suggests using this soupy repellent outside on freshly cultivated beds or along fences that surround the garden.

Basic Gardening Tools

Other than good soil quality, sunlight and sufficient water, appropriate gardening tools are necessary for the proper maintenance and upkeep of your garden. It will assist you greatly in taking care of your plants as well as cultivating good growing conditions which are sure to produce positive effects on your plant’s health.

What Type of Herbs to Use in an Italian Herb Garden

Just think of the culinary possibilities of growing your own herbs in an Italian herb garden. Basil, oregano, fennel and garlic are well known in Italian cuisines from several regions. These herbs provide a distinctive signature to any dish.

Learn How to Grow Herbs With Herb Garden Kits

Do you have the desire to grow your own herbs but do not know how to get started? Do you have questions such as: Which herbs are best grown from seeds? What kind of soil do I use to grow herbs? You can get the answers to these questions and others by purchasing one of the many herb garden kits on the market.

Grow Your Own Herbs For Freshness and Variety

Herbs are a gift to us from nature, a gift that just keeps on giving when we can grow our own herbs. Even better, it’s simple to do and doesn’t require a large expenditure to get started. It just takes a little space and vigilance. Here are listed the essential steps you’ll need to get started.

Family Gardening Tips

Gardening with your family can be a good way to connect with your kids. While gardening can be a little expensive, it doesn’t have to. There are cheaper ways to make gardening fun and exciting for you and your family.

Where to Access Plant Reviews

One of the easiest places to access plant reviews are through online journals of plant enthusiasts. You will have to access a reliable internet search engine first in order for you to be able to type in the name of the specific plant that you would like to read about.

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