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Is It Safe to Practice Organic Gardening?

Wherever you go, you would find lots of people talking about organic gardening and its benefits. The advantages of eating healthy fruits and vegetables are very high, and rather than eating synthetically grown foods, you can easily eat organically grown vegetables and fruits. However, the question is, are organically grown foods and plants as good as they seem to be? The following organic gardening information would help you establish whether organic plants as safe as they seem.

Choosing the Best Tomatoes to Plant

Learning how the thousands of different types of tomatoes are classified can be an intimidating prospect. In reality, there are just a few breakdowns in tomato classification and they are easy to understand. This will help in deciding which tomato type is right for your garden.

Helpful Tips on How to Grow Celery

Celery is one of the healthiest vegetables you could add to your diet. Though it would certainly require proper care and knowledge to grow celery, it would definitely be worth the hassle as those vegetables available in the market is nothing compared to the one you grow in your own garden.

Keep Your Tomato Plants Disease Free

There are a number of fungi and diseases out there that can turn your beautiful tomato garden into a heap of dying plants. Learn how watering techniques, choosing the proper tomato variety, and soil care can prevent even the most tenacious and damaging tomato plant diseases.

Silverbeet Aka Chard

Its name is immaterial, called silver beet here or chard there, this vegetable remains one of nature’s nutrient rich products. A member of the beetroot family its scientific name is beta vulgaris cicla. This plant is sometimes confused with spinach but the leaves are much larger than spinach although both can be picked over a period if they are grown quickly. These are the ideal fresh vegetable to grow in pots, containersand of course the garden.

History of the Roses

To appreciate the implication of roses as garden plants, it helps to know a little of their extensive history. The first Romans were true lovers of them. They carpeted their floors and showered their guests with rose petals, bathed in rose oils, drank rose wine, decorated warriors with rose garlands and treated their sick with medications made from these petals and hips.

5 Great Tips For Buying A Water Fountain

Great advice on what to look for when purchasing a water fountain. Learn the tips and what to avoid.

All You Need to Know About the Oriental Poppy

With all kinds of great flowers out there, it can be overwhelming to decide what you are going to grow.  However, if you are looking for great flowers research a few different options and see what works the best for you.

All You Need to Know About Early Spring Bulbs

People love spring flower bulbs; these are extremely popular flower styles for many different reasons. Spring bulbs create beautiful flowers and they are fairly easy to grow.

All You Need to Know About Annuals

Annual flowers and annual plants are great options if you are looking for great flowers to grow.  A lot of people lean towards annual flowers to put in their flower beds, their planters, or any other place they want to put them.

All You Need to Know About Perennials

Perennials are a great option for planting flowers and are something that a lot of people like to use. If you are looking for a great option for flower planting, you need to check out some of these variations and see what works best for you.

Poppies – Creating a Shady Poppy Garden

Poppies are a fantastic family of plants and when it comes to planting your garden they are very versatile. Most poppies prefer to be planted in direct sunlight where their blooms will bounce the suns rays around and really thrive. However, there are also poppy flower seeds which are suitable for the shady garden so that you can make the most of those darker areas of the garden.

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