Aubergine/Eggplant Trees

Grow Upside Down Tomatoes – Problems I Have Encountered!

To grow upside down tomatoes many have ran into problems and have even given up, although they make it look easy on television. This article is about problems I have encountered and what I did to overcome them. As growing upside down tomatoes is all the rage and quite the conversation piece it is my hope to help others to do it successfully.

Your July Green Gardening Tips

Gardening in the summer months can be challenging, both for you and your plants. Keeping hydrated and covered while the sun beats down on you is extremely important, as is keeping your plants just as hydrated and properly shaded. In July there are some specific green gardening tips to remember.

Container Gardens – Bringing Nature Into Limited Spaces

If you live in a high rise apartment or a condo unit where there’s limited space, there’s no reason why you can’t have a garden around you. There’s nothing as refreshing as the sight of live plants and new trend that’s gaining some popularity among those living in restricted spaces is container gardening. The best thing about container gardening is the control you have in your design choices.

The Causes of Why Fruit Doesn’t Develop Or it Falls Off

Growing your own produce is very rewarding, but it can be frustrating when everything seems to be going well but the plants don’t flower or they do flower but drop their fruit before it is ripe. There are many reasons why plants do this. It can be due to too much nitrogen, weather conditions, lack of water, lack of pollinators, pests and diseases or you don’t have right mix of male and female flowers.

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Home and Garden Ideas

Pet owners are sometimes in a dilemma on how to design a garden that will be safe for their little pets. This article offers some suggestions on creating a garden that is designed well with small pets in mind.

Creating Simple Water Features – Three Ways to Bring Water to the Garden

Water is one of the most vital resources in the garden, providing plants with abundant life and attracting wildlife of all varieties. When thinking of water features many assume that it’s a complicated and expensive affair but this is far from true. A water feature doesn’t need to be a huge landscaped pond, an overflowing towering fountain, or an expensively constructed wall of water. It can be as simple as filling a small dish sunk into the grown providing garden animals with the essential drinking hole that they need.

Developing Rising Roses

Would you consider your rose garden complete without that variety of roses called the climbers or the rising roses? There are several kinds of climbing roses in which they are known for – these are the pillars, ramblers, trailing roses and the ever blooming roses – as this depends on their growing pattern; these kinds of roses are not really known as real vines.

Nutrients – The Hydroponic Cocktail

We all need our cocktail every now and then but our hydroponics need their cocktail all the time! Learn more about the nutrients that your hydroponics need to grow and thrive.

Tips For Easy to Grow Flowering Houseplants

Houseplants can be a beautiful addition to a home or office. They are grown and admired for their attractive foliage. Flowering houseplants add another layer of enjoyment, bringing color and even a pleasant scent into the interior decoration of your surroundings.

Caring For Knockout Roses Can Be Fun

The Knockout Rose was developed by a botanist in Wisconsin, by the name of William Radler. Williams was on a mission to find a rose bush that would be extremely hardy and able to resist disease and infection. Is there such a thing?

4 Things That Will Kill Your Earthworm Farms

Your worms are confined to your earthworm farms, so it is important to make sure that what you are feeding them is actually good for them. Yes, earthworms will breakdown nearly any organic material, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t harmful to them.

Organic Gardening Done Right – Part 4

You have your garden beds in place, you have decided what vegetables you want to plant, you have your plan mapped out as to where you are going to place all your plants, and your soil is properly amended with organic compost and vermiculite. It is time to put your seeds in place. Starting your plants from seeds in the garden will take a little longer for your plants to produce.

Organic Gardening Done Right – Part 3

Garden bed structures that hold your organic mix of soil, will last all season and usually you can get at least two and even three years of production from them before you need to replace them. Take the extra time at first to make well constructed beds and they will serve you well in the years to come.

4 Things You Can Feed Your Earthworm Farms

The best part about home composting with earthworm farms is the variety of things your worms will eat. There are a few things that you can feed your worms that will decompose faster and produce your compost at much faster rates.

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