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Bumblebee Nest Boxes

Most commercially sold bumblebee nest boxes fail to be occupied because they are poorly placed and/or the wrong size for the bumblebees in your garden. Hints and tips on siting nest boxes, the correct size to use, other containers that may be suitable and preferred by bumblebees.

Flower Gardens – The Best Perennials to Grow

Can you imagine planting flowers in your flowerbeds that will bloom all summer long AND come back year after year? Yes, these flowers really do exist. While most perennials have a set bloom time, there are those perennials that just continue blooming from spring until the first hard frost. Read on and discover 4 best perennials to grow that will surely please.

How Do I Propagate My Cymbidiums And Multiply My Orchid Collection For Free?

It’s very rewarding and satisfying to multiply your orchid collection through propagation and it’s a FREE way to get new plants! Always a bonus! Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to propagate your Cymbidiums.

Rose Flower Garden – A Slice of Beauty In Your Own Garden Made With Roses

If you are planning a rose flower garden in your house, you must first know the basics. There is no need to go around asking people what you would need to start your rose garden. There is abundant information on the internet and you would get all that is needed to start off.

Herbs In Pots – Essential Tips For Growing Herbs in Pots and Other Containers

Amazing growth can be achieved by growing your favorite herbs in pots. Pots can be moved around for optimum sunshine or shade if required. A row of small herb pots on your kitchen windowsill away from draughts and at least half a day of sunshine is ideal. Herbs in pots are best grown close to your kitchen or backdoor so they are accessible when you need herbs for your cooking.

Making Money Gardening – What to Consider

The first question when it comes to making money gardening is determining what you will grow. If you have something already chosen you may be closer than you think to beginning. If you have no idea what to grow then go about the process in a different way.

Tips on Garden Design

I know you probably have read gardening books that gave you some tips on garden design, and been told by everybody that has ever planted a garden and thinks they too are a professional gardener, and wish to share their secret tips on garden design. Who am I to change lanes or advise delivery on such a well traveled road, a job done so much better by my predecessors? I would but ask your indulgence as I try to share the impressions form the scenes I beheld and impart through my gardeners eye.

Preparing Your Raspberry Bushes For Winter

With the arrival of cooler weather comes the many fall projects for gardeners. For those of us in the Northern States, it’s time to think about preparing our Raspberry bushes for winter.

Orchid Watering Information

Orchids have become more popular and widespread as houseplants as knowledge of their growing requirements has become more available. These plants can add beauty and color to the home, and some even have lovely fragrances. Watering orchids should be done carefully as their root systems can be sensitive, so anyone considering purchasing an orchid should take some time to understand the requirements of the particular orchid in which they are interested.

Growing Vegetables in Garden Enclosures

Enclosures are an effective way to grow the types of vegetables when you want to grow them. There are a number of different types of enclosures and the conditions that you need to create for your vegetables coupled with the outside conditions will help to determine what sort of enclosure is required. In some instances the enclosure may be little more than a durable plastic.

Who’s Vegetables Are You Growing In Your Garden Anyway?

When you buy vegetable seeds, do you own them? When these seeds produce vegetables, are they yours? And if you saved the seeds from these vegetables to plant next year, would you be breaking the law? Read on to find out answers to these questions and other interesting if not also disturbing findings.

Exotic Orchid Information

Orchid information is available in brochures, books, and Internet. These books provide excellent information about growing orchid information such as the basic stuff needed to cultivate, and a variety of orchids. These orchid flowers are a gift of nature’s miracle suitable for many occasions last long and are very beautiful.

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