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How to Make Your Own Tomato Fertilizer

You can buy many great tomato fertilizer solutions like the Miracle-Gro products and fertilizer spikes. These can work very effectively but did you know you can make your own fertilizer and soil mixes? I will show you a few simple and effective methods of creating your own organic fertilizer for tomatoes while recycling household waste at the same time.

The Best Growing Tomatoes – Should You Prune Your Tomato Plants?

There is nothing quite like the taste of a home grown tomato. When trying to produce the best growing tomatoes you can, you may have wondered if you should prune your tomato plants. While a few gardeners believe that pruning tomato plants can cause damage, the majority feel that pruning improves the health and production of the plants.

Herb Garden Gifts Are Unique – Three Gift Ideas and How to Do It

Garden herbs are more than just flavoring for food. With a little imagination they make unique gifts as well. In this article we’re going to show how to make herb garden gifts to scent pillows, closets, bath water, and even potpourri.

How to Water a Newly Planted Tree

You absolutely must water your tree properly if you want any newly planted / transplanted tree to thrive. I highly recommend an automatic sprinkler system and/or tree bubbler.

What is Plant Cloning and How Do I Do It?

Well imagine one of these scenarios- you have a plant you really enjoy that you would love to have more of like a rose, you have grown some really brilliant variety of tomato in your hydroponic garden and you want more of it, you have a herb you cook with frequently and need more of it or you simply just want to grow plants you as gifts for friends and family. What do you do? You clone it- or in biological terms- participate in the process of developing similar producing populations of genetically identical individuals.

Preserve Tomatoes by Freezing Them

If you would like to make stewed tomatoes to freeze, this too is fairly simple. Peel your tomatoes, then core and quarter them. Add any other ingredients you’d care to in with them.

All Natural Fertilizer and Tanning Beds

All Natural Fertilizer is superior to chemical fertilizers. The distinction between chemical fertilizers and all natural fertilizers is the difference between “just bigger and greener” and bigger, greener, and truly healthy. All natural fertilizers utilize nature’s systems that will result in tall and green.

Organic Garden Pest Control Techniques

Organic garden pest control is an effective way to get rid of, or prevent pests from entering your garden while having little impact on the environment. Organic pest control techniques are a cleaner, healthier, and safer alternative to standard chemical methods.

Gardening Tips – How to Choose Plants That’ll Thrive in Your Area

Choosing plants that will thrive in your area is the key to having happy, healthy plants. The first place you want to start before you buy your first plant is at the United States Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Zone maps.

Environmentally Friendly Gardening Tips

These days “going green” is becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to gardening. When you walk into a grocery store you can see it with the many different reusable bags that they offer to customers as a plastic or paper alternative. There are many different ways to be eco-friendly or “green”, and when it comes to gardening, you will want to be aware of how you can do that.

All About Vegetable Gardening

Gardening can both be a hobby and a way of getting something out of it. We can benefit a lot from this kind of leisure.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Lawn Mower

With the choices of lawn mowers on offer today, choosing a lawn mower can be quite a daunting process. They can also be very expensive machines, so it’s highly important that you choose the right lawn mower for your garden.

Growing Your Plants From Seeds

When you are growing plants from seeds, you will need to know where to start. Because so many things can go wrong in this process, you will need to know where to begin. Having diligence and patience is something that is absolutely necessary when it comes to growing plants from a seed.

Improve the Growth of Your Plants With a Hydroponics Grow Kit

The inception of Hydroponic technology can be traced to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Hieroglyphic records also suggest that it was used in ancient Egypt as well. It is also believed to have been used by Roman Emperor, Tiberius, for growing cucumbers. According to modern history John Woodward was the pioneer to experiment with this technology in the 17th century. He used this technology to grow spearmints, which proved to be bigger and better than those produced by the traditional method.

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