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Creating Your Very Own Home Herb Garden

Herbs are a wonderful compliment to your existing vegetable or flower garden. The fragrance makes the experience so much better every time you walk through your garden. Growing a home herb garden is one of the best decisions you can make.

Starting Your Herbs With Herb Garden Kits

Starting a herb garden can be daunting for a novice herb grower, but herb garden kits make the whole learning curve shorter. There are kits for almost any kind of herb category, and these kits come with all you’ll need to get started. Here we outline the benefits and advantages of buying a herb kit to kick-start your herb garden.

Five Blue Flowers Every Garden Must Have

The color blue has been associated with peace, rest, tranquility and truth. It is associated with the sky, ocean and coolness as well. The color blue relates to the dreams, thoughts and our imaginations. The dreamers or idealists often love the color blue because it can bring out the natural artistic talents. Blue flowers can bring a calmness to the garden other flowers can not. They are important to have when things are not going well in your life and you need a place of refuge and peace to go to. Here are five “must have” blue flowers for every garden…

Mini-Herb Garden Delights

An introduction to herb gardening including a historical perspective of herb usage. Information is included that will give a prospective herb gardener insight into what is involved in growing herbs in a small garden and the rewards it will bring.

How to Choose the Best Pots For Herbs

Growing herbs in pots is growing in popularity. Home chefs love the convenience of fresh herbs on hand while cooking. Apartment dwellers enjoy the opportunity to have herbs despite the lack of garden space.

Fall Family Activities – Forcing Bulbs to Flower Indoors in Winter

As the sun sets ever earlier and leaves continue to flutter to the ground, the first frosts of the season promise to lay waste to our flower beds. Winter awaits-cold and awash in white and shades of gray. While purchasing bulbs to flower in the garden come April and May, pick up some that indicate they’re good for forcing and enjoy a touch of spring in your home this winter.

Herb Garden Information – Everything You Need to Know to Grow Herbs

Starting an herb garden is quick and easy. This article will fill you in on all the basic information you need so you can get started today!

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