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Make the Right Choice About Your Herb Garden Kit

Herb gardening has become increasingly popular among nature lovers recently. People like to grow their own culinary herbs at home and a multitude of herb garden kits are available for beginners. There are containers to suit all gardens – indoors as well as outdoors. With a little creativity, a group of pots and urns, one can add greenery and aesthetics to even the smallest of home gardens.

Herb Garden Plants – An Overview

Herbs can be classified as annual, biennials and perennials according to the life span. Perennial herbs are preferred for the reason they grow for more than one season. Annuals and biennials herb garden plants must be replanted every year or the alternate years. A biennial grows slowly during its first year, lives over the winter, and then finally blooms in the second season.

Versatile Italian Herb Garden

You must be wondering why of all the herb gardens, the Italian herb garden stands out. The reasons are many-fold. First and foremost, some of the most tastiest and famous cuisines that come from Italy contain its famed herbs like chives, basil and oregano. These combine to give a distinct flavor to Italian recipes. Every time you take a stroll in your Italian herb garden, the aroma of the potent and magical herbs make you feel like you are on a sojourn to the Mediterranean.

Create Your Own Home Herb Garden

For some people, gardening is a passionate hobby that they pursue along with their career, for others it can be just a favorite pastime which they enjoy doing whenever they have time in their hands. Both are ever eager to have their morning and evening stroll in the garden which is of their own creation. Gardening as a passionate hobby or just a pastime diverts the mind from the daily stress and worries, restores and rejuvenates the mind for the coming week.

Home is Where the Herbs Are

Origin of herbs can be traced back into the times of the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese. There are also references in the Bible and medieval documents that show herbs were used by most families in ancient era.

Fall is an Important Time of the Year When Organic Gardening

Preparing your garden for an early spring planting starts in the fall. Organic gardening is a method of working in harmony with nature. Natural methods of gardening that are healthy for you and the environment.

Why Organic Material is Important to Your Garden

What is organic material? Why should you include it in the recipe that comprises your soil?

Identifying Wild Mushrooms – Learn How to Find Edible Mushrooms in the Wild

Did you know that many of the incredible, exciting gourmet mushrooms that you pay large sums of money for are actually available for free, from the wild? Learn how to start identifying wild mushrooms and treat yourself to their incredible wild flavors.

Growing Herbs in Garden Plots – Indoors Vs Outdoors

For those who don’t mind trudging through rain, wind, mud, or intense heat, this isn’t really a problem. But for those who like to stay dry, and see what they are clipping even in the dark for those midnight brews and meals …

Starting a Fall Garden

When many people think of gardening, they only thing they can grow in the warmer months. However, many people are now starting to grow fall gardens because it result in excellent vegetables and will extend crops long after spring planted plants are finished. Vegetables produced from fall gardening are sometimes sweeter and milder than those grow in the summer and offer a brand new taste to the same old veggies.

Contractors Have Recently Damaged A Mature Tree In My Garden – Is It Possible To Replace It?

It is unfortunately a fairly common experience for builders and contractors to work too close to mature trees and not to understand how much damage can be done. A mature tree may have developed a very wide spread of roots and the tree will be feeding using the small roots at the edge of this spread. Damage to a large part of these can result in severe damage and die-back.

The Doctrine of Signatures – Herbal Legend Or Sheer Magic

The Doctrine Of Signatures (Note Capital Letters) refers to the long held belief from the days of Dioscurides and Galen that a plant, or part of a plant, resembling a component of the human body has the power to heal that body part. There is much evidence of this and it is an incredibly interesting story; the older I get, the more I see legends I scoffed at previously take on substance.

Growing Herbs in Pots is Easy and Fun

For those of you who are itching to get started on your own kitchen herb garden, it is a great thing to know that growing herbs in pots is simple and enjoyable. If you have a bright, sunny portico or a window sill, it is pretty easy getting your herbs sprout and grow out of the containers. The plants can be pruned, dried and used during a long winter. The seeds can be stored for the next spring, summer season. It is prudent to collect the seeds which you can use or exchange for a herb sapling from a friend.

Greenhouses – Perfect For a Garden Enthusiast

Greenhouses are perfect for gardening enthusiasts who do not want to leave the results of their efforts to nature alone. This is because greenhouses offer a perfect controlled environment that provides the correct temperature and humidity levels throughout the year, regardless of climactic conditions.

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