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Miniature Roses – Small But Strong & Hardy

Miniature roses are proper roses that are bred to stay small. Just because they are smaller than other roses doesn’t mean that they delicate or temperamental. These cute little roses are hardy, cold tolerant and continual bloomers!!

Vegetable Gardening With the Seasons

You don’t have to live in the country to better connect to the seasons by growing your own food. Vegetable gardening with the seasons empowers you to get in tune with nature.

Get Ready For Winter Composting

Trench composting is a great method of handling much of your end-of-season garden cleanup. Use this system to minimize your composting efforts and get a jump start on the next growing season.

Herb Garden Kits – How to Start Your Home Herb Garden Early and Cheat Old Man Winter

Herb garden kits are toys, right? Made for kids in third grade biology class? Actually, far from it. You may be surprised that garden kits are one of the tricks used by expert gardeners to start their spring planting weeks before anyone else is even thinking about their outdoor herb garden plants.

Gardening Indoors With an Aeroponic Gardening System

Aeroponic gardening is a healthy an environment friendly method to grow your organic garden. Gardens can be grown indoors all year and with the minimal amount of space.

When is a Good Time to Plant Roses?

If you’re trying to figure out the best time in which to plant your rose, perhaps it is time to look at the temperature. It’s about springtime when the ground thaws out, and you can think about planting yourself a rose garden.

Gardening Tips – Types of Manure and Their Uses

All soils need conditioning and improving – mainly because each year the plants that grow there are taking valuable nutrients from it in order for them to grow and flourish. Improving soil with manures and fertilizers will go a long way to creating the beautiful plants and flowers you want from your garden.

Why Would You Choose to Grow an Italian Herb Garden?

Italian food is popular. Most home chefs prepare Italian cuisine without even really being aware of it. Dishes such as spaghetti, pizza and pesto are common. While a mixture of Italian herbs can be found on most grocery store shelves, using fresh herbs can take an ordinary dish from merely good to spectacular.

Did You Know You Can Grow Your Own Italian Herb Garden?

You’ve been cooking Italian cuisine for years, or just getting started, and the cupboard contains several plastic containers of purchased dried Italian herbs, imagine enhancing the flavors of your Italian culinary creations with fresh herbs grown and harvested out of your very own garden! Using the freshest ingredients will always enhance the taste of food and even more so if the herbs are cultivated by your own hands.

Rose Planting For Beginners

Having spoken to your local rose grower and accepted her advice suggesting which particular types of roses will suit your neighborhood and climate, you’ve made your choices and arrived home with your new rose bushes ready to plant. As it’s Fall, and you had the option of buying either bare-rooted roses or container grown ones, you opted for the bare-rooted roses, because you had more choice and they were marginally cheaper.

Garden Decor – Finding the Right Fit For Your Garden

Designing and decorating your garden can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a home. Finding the right garden decor is an important step in making your garden vision become a reality. Here are a few ideas to help you find the right garden decor for your yard.

Growing Herbs in Pots – Convenience Plus

Growing herbs in pots… super convenient if you love using them for homeopathic reasons, or just to enhance the taste and aroma of foods. It may be time for you to consider growing herbs in pots, right inside the kitchen door or better still, inside the kitchen.

Home Vegetable Gardening – The Importance of Nitrogen For Your Plants

Nitrogen is an important element required by all plants in any home vegetable garden. Although some plants require more or less than others, your soil must have an adequate supply in order to produce good quality vegetables.

4 Things to Do Before Planting Hedging

There is always some work to be done when you are preparing the ground when planting your hedging, and much of this applies irrespective of your soil type. If you have the time and energy it is best to mix in well-rotted compost and manure in advance of the planting day, to give the ground time to settle. By improving the soil where you intend to plant your hedging, removing the weeds and putting down mulch fabric, you will be sure to end up with a hedge that establishes well, stays healthy and requires less maintenance.

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