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How to Prepare Your Stock Plants Before Taking Cuttings

Preparing your stock plants in advance of taking cuttings will increase the odds of them rooting. Learn what you can do to to increase your rooting percentages.

5 Tips For Your Flowerbed

Spring is here. So, I’m sure many of you are thinking about what to plant in your flowerbed.

Solar Dripper Irrigation Set-Up For Small Scale Amateur Projects

A few pots or hanging baskets can really lift a property if they look good. Usually they do when you first put them in, but without careful attention to watering and feeding, in a few weeks time they can be looking miserable and neglected – not the look most of us are after.

Composting Made Easy

I have often times been approached by gardeners with questions regarding proper composting and equipment needed to do the job properly. Many people have begun their composting efforts by purchasing one of the many expensive composting bins available at local hardware stores, nurseries, or other retail outlets.

The 9 Most Common Problems Facing Indoor Gardens

It can be frustrating when something goes wrong in your indoor garden despite all of your hard work. You may be unknowingly be doing something that is having a detrimental effect on your plants.

Bonsai Repotting and Root Trimming

The best time to pot or repot bonsai trees is usually after the winter season and just before the spring season or growing season occurs. This is because during the growing season, your bonsai will be able to heal and recover itself much more quickly.

How to Plant Tulip Bulbs For a Beautiful Spring

Everyone loves the attractive tulips that blend beautifully at spring. If you fancy on having your own tulips in your garden, you can do them easily.

3 Unusual Asian Vegetables You Can Grow in Your Organic Garden

As oriental dishes are becoming more popular in America, so are the vegetables used in those dishes. You can grow these unusual Asian vegetables in your own organic garden.

Problems That Will Affect Your Tomatoes

Depending on what part of the world your garden in, there is a pest or disease out there for you. To guard against the problems, your best offense is a good defense.

7 Conditions That Are Bad to a Earthworm Habitat

The following are the conditions that are bad to the earthworm habitat and how rectify the situation: 1) When it is too hot. Earthworms cannot survive beyond temperature of 90F or higher.

Implement the Positive Effects of Garden Compost

Walking around in a wonderful garden wherein different flowers bloom with its flashing colors is all we desire. Watching the trees as they wave and blow fresh air that gives us a refreshing day.

Palm Trees in Canada

Palm trees in Canada are more likely than you think! Palm trees have their place, even in cold environments. They add warmth and feelings of well being to any place they are planted and grown.

How to Care For Your Lawn in Spring

There are a number of reasons why you should invest in lawn care; and primary one is so that it looks beautiful, and another is that weeds, pests, and rodents remain away. A beautiful garden is the pride of not only the gardener, but also the home owner.

Why Learn How to Garden?

Why learn how to garden is a question that is not as apparently obvious as it may seem – at least to some folks. The obvious is of course that it beautifies your front or back yard or both as the case may be. However, there are many more benefits that experienced gardeners already know about – as many of them just occur as they go about the various tasks that is gardening.

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