Best Annuals for Shade – Alternatives to Impatiens

No Room for a Vegetable Garden?

Because of the uncertain economic uncertainties and due to the health alarms caused by the lax government oversight of our food suppliers, many families are now growing their own fruits and vegetables and raising their own live stock and food animals. The National Gardening Association reports that over 7 million households are now doing their own food cultivation. The major seed nurseries report a huge surge in the sales of seeds and seedlings.

Annual Poppy Seeds – Five Tips for Beautiful Poppies

With such a wide number of annual poppies available, from California and Breadseed varieties, to Peony and Taffeta types, use a number of different species in your garden. Not only will some varieties grow better in one area than another, but with such extreme differences in characteristics, a fantastical display can be created from simply using poppies alone. And with a great number of annual poppy seeds available, gardeners can indulge their passion and fill their gardens with blooms.

Why Is A Wormery Better Than A Composter?

You are excited about composting. You know it is an environmentally friendly way to reuse your kitchen scraps and paper goods. You probably can’t wait to put some of that rich brown compost around your plants. Even if you are an apartment dweller you can still find ways to compost in your eco friendly home.

Designing Your Organic Vegetable Garden

Gardens can have a number of different designs depending on their purpose. Find the best design plan that will work well for the space you have in your garden and the climate where you live. Discover the most important factors that you should consider when planting your garden.

Choosing Soil For Growing Grapes

If you have ever wanted to grow grapes in your backyard, it’s important to know that you can fertilize your soil and supplement your soil in such a way, that you can practically choose the type of soil you would like to grow your grapes in. Read here to learn about the benefits of different types of soil for growing grapes.

Mother Natures’ Gift To Gardeners

With more minerals and vitamins than any land-produced or man-made product, seaweed is mother natures’ plant superfood! When continually sowing and planting, plants rob the ground of its nutrients. There is no better way to give these nutrients back other than applying seaweed.

Garden Hose Storage Products

Hose storage products help people to care for their garden hose while at the same time keeping it out of the way. These products consist of reels, racks, pots and more.

A Beginner’s Guide to Orchid Care

If you’ve ever wanted to grow Orchids but wondered where to start, do not worry. Caring for Orchids is a hobby available to anyone on any budget. Here are a few tips to get started growing your own Orchids today.

How to Select the Best Variety of Grapes for Home Vineyards

By growing your own grapes, you can find that you have engaged in a rather challenging, but highly rewarding experience. Home vineyard growers will have a large variety of grapes to choose from when it comes to growing for wines, juice or simply for eating. Depending on your climate zone, there will be a different variety available for you to grow in your home vineyard.

Ceanothus – A How to Grow Guide

An easy to follow guide on how to grow Ceanothus successfully. The article includes handy tips and information.

Hydrangea – Tips and Advice for Growing Success

Generally when thinking of Hydrangeas we think of the large blooming cultivars that flower in pinks and blues, however, there is more to the Hydrangea family than we may first think. Plants range greatly in habit and flower form. From the climbing Hydrangea to oak leaved plants, hydrangeas range from the understated to the flamboyant and there is a plant available for most tastes.

A Closer Look At Arborists

If you have questions about trees, you should talk to an arborist. An arborist is a certified tree specialist and can help you with questions about your trees.

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