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Planning a Garden From Scratch

Whether you are in the town or country, before planning a garden from scratch you may need to apply for planning consents before you make alterations to the hardlandscape of your garden. In general if your building is not listed and you are not in a conservation area then you are free to design your garden area as you want with the following provisos:

Park Lighting

Most park lighting is sensor-triggered and usually directed downwards. It is only activated when required for the most part. Parks are now getting rid of inefficient lighting fixtures to conserve energy.

Planting Roses – Not As Difficult As You May Think

When planting roses a number of questions normally arise, such as should fertilizer be included now or later? How deep should the hole be? When’s the best time to plant? However, carefully selecting the right location is the primary step when planting roses that should never be overlooked.

Sign Lighting

Sign lighting is an important factor if your business needs to attract passing customers. This is done with LEDs and lighting techniques for repeat-order and high-volume sign lighting.

Orchid Potting Tips

You can grow orchids in any type of medium provided the roots get enough air and drainage. This is why potting orchids is different from other plant types. There are a number of clay or plastic pots available specifically for orchids and are necessary for the potting process. Choosing an orchid potting process requires you to choose a pot and location, which has a great impact on the success of an orchid.

Growing Miniature Roses – May Seem Daunting For the Uninitiated

Though at first one might think that these are fragile plants, what with their being miniature and all, whereas it’s the other way around as they’re one of the hardier plants of the rose variety. This makes growing miniature roses very popular with budding rose gardeners. Despite their “unnatural appearance,” miniature roses are actually true roses bred to stay small in size. These plants come in all sizes and shapes, with different attributes making them one of the more versatile plants to grow.

Impatiens – Artistic House Plant

Impatiens does not have much infestation problem, but do watch out for the periodic bugs and plant insects. Apply organic products to do away with the parasites at first site and you will have well bloomed plant in no time at all.

Caring For Bonsai Trees – What is There to Know About Pruning, Thinning and Pinching?

As a beginner to caring for bonsai trees, I was keen to start making it grow the way I wanted, but perhaps I was being a little impatient. Bonsai are not like house plants, they take years to form into the beautiful works of art that I admired. I am a newcomer to bonsai and are just learning the basics of keeping my tree alive. What I really needed to know about pruning at this time was how to keep my tree ‘under control’ and keep it miniature and in the original shape by removing any excessive new growth.

How to Take Care For Strawberry Plants

Delicious strawberry can be produced with proper care for strawberry plants. If you want to grow delicious strawberries for years to come, it is important that you take proper care for strawberry plants.

Green Beans – The Best Green Beans to Grow For Canning

I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to growing green beans. I’ve been gardening for more than 30 years. Over the years, I’ve tried growing many different varieties of green beans. Since I like canning beans to store in my cellar, I’ve narrowed my favorites to the ones that taste the best after put through the canning process.

Creative Windowsill Home Herb Garden With Lasagna Gardening Theme

The amazing diversification themes with the windowsill or window-box gardening is limited only by your imagination. Without exaggerating, you can have cucumbers, basil, lemon verbena, curry plant, tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, onions all of them in a single apartment windowsill.

Save Money by Planting Your Own Garden

Many people have asked themselves if it is really possible to save money by planting your own garden. Is the savings enough to justify the time and effort that are put into that garden?

The Fine Art of Pruning Rose Bushes

Pruning rose bushes is about more than just cutting some branches away. It is an art and when done properly not only makes your garden more beautiful to view, but also makes the plant stronger and healthier. Many people do not know anything about pruning roses and so either neglect to do it at all, or prune the plants improperly. When pruning your roses, there are different tools and techniques that should be employed.

Winter Vegetable Gardening – How to Plan it Right

Planting vegetables in season is a fun and straightforward thing to do when you have an appreciation of the fundamentals. Winter vegetable gardening takes more care.

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