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Information on the Care of Pomegranate Bonsai Trees

Pomegranate is native to Asia and the Mediterranean area. At best pomegranates only make small densely tweaked deciduous trees with narrow alternative leaves. The leaves fall in the autumn and unless the tree is grown exclusively indoors; then growth is usually continuous.

Humidity and Pest Control For Bonsai Plants

Growing bonsai is often not as simple as your might think. There are many different factors to raising a beautiful bonsai plant. One important element is fertilizer.

Which Potato Varieties to Grow

When you’ve decided to grow some potatoes you need to think about what sort you want to grow. Grow what you eat is a good gardening motto, but remember to consider space in your garden too.

Bulbs Protection During Autumn

Dahlias can be left outside until blackened by the first frost, but then they should be lifted and kept frost free or left in situ and mulched. Continue to deadhead cannas, begonias and dahlias so that they still provide welcome color for as long as the weather allows.

Summer Care For Bulbs

Regular deadheading of begonias, dahlias and cannas will ensure longer flower production and bigger blooms. It will also make the plants look much tidier. Gladioli and lilies should be deadheaded to conserve energy for next year’s display. In midsummer, seeds of snake’s head fritillary should be collected when ripe and sown in a propagating box.

Square Foot Gardening – Start Yours This Winter

Winter is a great time to get busy building your square foot garden. While it’s snowing outside, you can be ordering your seeds and building your 4 x 4 raised bed garden.

What to Plant in an Italian Herb Garden

This article gives the reader information on some Italian herbs that can be grown in her (his) Italian herb garden. It also provides some ideas on recipes based on these herbs.

Autumn Care For Bulbs

The autumn months bring a deluge of dry bulbs into garden centers and stores, some pre packaged in groups of three, five and sometimes ten at a time, while others, such as the common types of daffodils, tulip and hyacinths, are sold loose so that they can be picked up in any quantity. The pre packs can be more expensive, but the range is usually far greater.

How to Build Your Own Greenhouse – Selecting the Right Greenhouse For You

Are you trying to figure out how to build your own greenhouse but confused as to what direction you should go and which type of greenhouse will fit best with your budget and still serve its purpose efficiently? You’re probably quickly realizing that when it comes to greenhouses, your choices are only limited by your own creativity. You could go with a mini greenhouse or a lean to. Then again, maybe a hoop or solar greenhouse would be better. You might be looking to build a small backyard greenhouse or a larger commercial greenhouse. Keep reading for some important considerations you’ll want to keep in mind as you decide on the perfect greenhouse for you.

Herbs in the Kitchen

One of the best ways to have fresh herbs all year around is to grow them in pots in a greenhouse. Plant each pot at a different time so you have one coming on as another is finishing. When a pot is ready to be harvested, you bring it into the kitchen.

How to Build Your Own Greenhouse – Helpful Tips to an Efficient Greenhouse

You may already know how to build your own greenhouse, but do you know how to make it as efficient as possible? Building a greenhouse is not just about the materials and design you choose to use. Virtually all greenhouses will serve their purpose and provide a good growing environment for your plants, but some will be much more efficient than others. Efficiency saves you a lot of time and money, so it’s important to keep this in mind during your planning and building processes. Here are a few tips to make your greenhouse more efficient.

Garden Accessories of the Future Are Green Walls – They Are Engaged, Self Sustaining, and Productive

A trend spotter, The Future Laboratory UK, has identified the garden of the future to be more engaging, self sustaining and productive than in the past. This trend is partly fuelled by the economic down turn but there is also a general desire to live more harmoniously with the environment. Organic living is no longer the domain of the unwashed. Meanwhile we are living in more confined spaces and have less access to our own private outdoors.

The Elegant Calla Lily is a Majestic Blossom

Calla Lily is a great flower to present to different occasions. It is so due to it’s meaningful symbolic of a lot of positive things and nice image.

How to Make a Greenhouse – Take That Plan and ‘Screw’ It

The easiest way to learn how to make a greenhouse is to use a good set of greenhouse building plans. The right kind of plans and instructions can make setting up the greenhouse fairly simple and straightforward. The wrong kind of plans can leave you more confused and frustrated than if you had never started the project in the first place.

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