Blasting aphids off of plants with water

Organic Garden Fertilizer – An Insight

Organic garden fertilizers have replaced chemical fertilizers because they are cheap and easy to produce and are also environment friendly. These fertilizers induce nutrients in to the soil, which is then absorbed by the soil microbes to keep the soil healthy whereas, synthetic fertilizers add concentrated nutrients only for the plants.

Jobs in the Garden – The Last Week in May

Remove seed pods from the rhododendrons and do not allow any of the spring flowering shrubs to waste their energy on seeding. Make sure the newly planted wall shrubs do not go thirsty. Watch out for suckers from grafted lilacs and roses, and tear them away at their point of origin.

Building a Preformed Fibreglass Pond

Preformed fibreglass ponds have several distinct advantages over flexible liners. However if you don’t get it right, they can cause problems.

Winter Vegetable Gardening – The Basics For the Beginner

The basics of winter vegetable gardening. An overview of how it’s done, what it takes, and what to expect.

Organic Container Gardening and Herbs

Organic container gardening can be done even in the smallest apartment. Gardening in this way gives you a fresh supply of herbs that are chemical-free as well as decorating your apartment or patio. You can control your herbs environment by moving the pots into the sun or shade whenever needed, giving you the chance to create perfect conditions for growing herbs even in poor climates.

Growing Tomatoes Upside Down – The New Trend

Ask anyone how they grow tomatoes and the answer will be roughly the same, give or take a greenhouse. They grow in pots or in a section of the garden that has been dedicated to producing the crop. A few may give a different answer though. Tomato growing experts have now begun to grow tomatoes a different way – upside down.

Quick Tips For Getting a Beautiful Garden With Garden Tools

The secret to a beautiful garden is having the right garden tools to do the jobs that you need to do. There are some easy tips to create a spectacular garden that are easy and affordable. Having a plan for your garden will be the first step in deciding on the type of tools that you need.

Some Quick Tips For Getting a Beautiful Garden With Garden Tools

A beautiful garden is the result of hard work and using the right garden tools. When you are planning a gardening project, getting the kind of design and effect that you want using plantings will be much easier when you have a plan and get the appropriate tools for each phase of your project.

How to Preserve and Regrow an Aloe Vera Leaf

An aloe vera leaf has plenty of uses, aside from treating several skin ailments, the juice can be taken internally to boost the immune system and improve our digestive condition. You can easily make your own juice at home, this way you are sure that you’re getting 100% of the plant’s goodness.

Garden Flowers in the Last Week in May

Chelsea, the most important flower show in the world, to which two hundred thousand people make a gardening pil­grimage, takes place about the fourth week in May. The show ground, covering twenty-three acres, belongs to the Royal Chelsea Hospital, where veteran soldiers may spend their last days. They are watched with respect and affection as in their bright scarlet coats they bend on their sticks in order to poke their noses into sweetly scented roses.

A Special David Austin Rose

One of the most popular and well-known English rose breeders is David Austin. A David Austin rose is something that is in high demand by anyone who knows anything about roses. Mr. Austin not only grows roses, but also writes about them. He started in the early 1960’s by introducing his very first rose which was called the Constance Spry.

The Orchid is a Blossom That is Going to Get a Smile

Not everybody wishes to settle for just a common flower. When your tastes are at the glamorous end of things, the orchid could be the right flower you can use for the proper present or occasion.

Different Types of Greenhouse Materials and How They Compare

Greenhouses can be constructed by a variety of materials, Frames can be wood, aluminium or steel, the glazing can be with either glass or plastic panes. The eventual choice of material will depend on a few factors.

How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes From Seed

If you wish to grow some of your own salad crop this year it will soon be time to get going, so get yourself ready! For example if you are to grow juicy tasty tomatoes then late winter is the time to start. It is much more rewarding if you grow your own tomato plants from seed rather than buying the plants that are already grown for you because gives you a real sense of achievement when you are finally harvesting your crop.

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