Blushing Princess Alyssum

How to Keep Your Container Plants Healthy!

Enjoying our container plants does not finish once the plant is ensconced in its pot. Healthy plants start from the correct choice of container, the right position for the plant and the right care. A well-planted and beautifully displayed selection of containers and plants is a thing of beauty and admiration. Some hints on how to produce such a beautiful display and along with it, admiration of your skills.

Determining Soil For Extreme Climates

When determining what kind of soil to use for the garden there are two different strategies each with their own set of pros and cons. The first option is using a less dense fluffy type soil to keep the overall weight down. The biggest side effect of using this fluffy soil is that over time it will condense seem like it is disappearing. Also you might have to worry that such soil could not support any substantially sized plants. The next option is using a dense soil that contains more rocks.

Growing Organic Carrots

Growing organic carrots is easy. We’re going to show you how to plant, grow, harvest, and store your carrots. We’ll show you how to prevent getting splits in your carrots. And reveal the secrets to getting sweet tender carrots, not tough, pithy ones.

Planning This Years Vegetable Garden

Well a new gardening year is fast approaching and it is time to plan for this years vegetable garden. If you are like me you always seem to end up with a lot more seeds than you have time or room to plant.

Plant by the Phase of the Moon

At some time in the remote past a gardener observed that certain crops grew better when they were planted when the moon was in a certain point of its monthly cycle. Gardeners have been planting by the phase of the moon ever since.

An Introduction to Sprouts

There’s been a lot of hype lately in the gardening and survivalist worlds about sprouts. Sprouts…just what are they?

Different Orchid Types Revealed

Orchid family is considered as the largest family of flowers and their family name is Orchidaceaeare. Generally the plants belonging to this family grow in tropical region. But they can survive in different environmental and climatic conditions also. The quality to exhibit flexibility with respect to climate and environment is the key factor behind their ability to grow both in normal and extreme climatic conditions. This is the reason why the orchid family is vastly diversified all over the world. Thousands of orchid types are known currently.

How To Look After Your Bonsai?

A bonsai can be the perfect add on for your house. It brings nature right inside the living room and can also beautify your interiors.

Backyard Organic Farming, a Possibility

Backyard organic farming is quite in demand these days. But is quite difficult to comprehend sometimes. Knowing how simple it is can be helpful for starters.

Selecting the Best Tomatoes to Grow

Growing tomatoes is a multi-faceted task that requires a sound mindset and a load of patience to accomplish. It requires more than just good intentions. Probably a lot of manuals on growing tomatoes constantly preach about how to grow them properly and how to deal with the risks involved such as pests and diseases. But one facet of growing tomatoes that also needs due focus is selecting the right breed to grow. It is more than just a question of preference. Yes, you heard me. So one of the most important facets of growing tomato fruits is selecting the best tomatoes to grow.

Advantages of Growing Veggies in Your Backyard

Gardening can be a great hobby. But more than just a hobby, it could also bring food to your table.

Paphiopedilum Orchids Are Also Known As Slipper Orchids

Paphiopedilum orchids are known as the slipper orchids. They are popular among orchid growers because of the ease to care for them in artificial conditions. They come in beautiful colors too.

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