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Organic Plants – What’s the Difference?

Growing organic plants is similar to traditional gardening in many ways. It can be relaxing and rewarding, as well as literally grounding. The differences to be aware of mainly involve nutrients, pest control, and disease control. If done correctly organic gardening can be inexpensive. In general though, you shouldn’t expect to have picture-perfect plants. Some of the rewards can be a healthier environment around your home and on earth; yummy, fresh ingredients that you know are good for you; and greener surroundings to center your mind.

How to Grow Grape Vines: The Right Soil for Optimal Growth

If there’s one thing a grape grower needs in order to succeed in grape growing, then it’s the right soil. The right pH level, mineral content, nutrients, and surroundings of the soil are all vital for the success of your vineyard. Here are things to guide you on how to grow grape vines in the right soil.

Organic Home Gardening

Have you ever considered setting up your own organic home garden? It’s easier than you think and can bring you huge health benefits. It also puts you in complete control of where your food is coming from and how healthy it is. You can be 100 percent sure that the food you are eating is not covered in pesticides or chemicals.

Garden Composters: How To Choose the Right One For You

So you’ve decided to start making compost, and you know you need some sort of system or bin or something to make it in. Nowadays you have all sorts of choices, from bins to kitchen units, to worms. But how to choose a garden composter? Here are some tips.

How to Make Compost: The Down and Dirty of It

If you know anything at all about gardening or growing plants, you’ve heard that compost is essential for plant health and vitality. The best way to get some is to make your own. But how? Here is how to make compost, what’s involved, and what you can expect.

How to Compost: What Is Involved?

Many gardeners and farmers who have used compost have sung the praises of this nutritious soil amendment. Many people are interested in trying their hand, but aren’t sure what to do. Here’s the lowdown on how to compost and what is involved in the process, whether you choose to make your own, or just want to understand it.

How to Grow Cattleya Orchids: Watering and Humidity

Cultivation guidelines about watering and humidity for growing stunning cattleya orchids. Cattleyas need 50% to 80% relative humidity. This can be provided within the house by placing the plants in dishes filled with gravel and partially filled with water and placing the plants above the gravel without touching the water.

Planting Your Herbs

Hopefully you have decided on a location for your herb garden, you have prepared the soil and are ready for the planting phase of your project. You should understand that there are three types of herb plants. Annuals that are grown for one season and die off (in most growing zones). Bi-annuals that grow for two growing seasons and then die off. Finally, there are perennials, which usually will die off above ground in the winter and re-grow each spring.

Gardening – How to Use Your Homemade Compost

You’ve gone through the trouble of researching all that is involved with making compost. You’ve set up a system and done the work and the waiting. Now you have a stash of the finest soil amendment around. Here’s how to use your homemade compost in your garden.

Garden Decking – Creative Means To Enhance Landscape

Garden decking is primarily a landscaping feature that enables you to transform the entire look of the outer area of a house. A garden deck is basically a wooden platform constructed high on the ground level and then attached to the home.

How To Build A Trellis For Grape Vines

This article shows you step by step how to build a grape trellis for growing grapes. Once you have done your site and soil planting – now it’s time for grape trellis construction. Even though your grapes won’t really need the trellis right away it’s better to do it early, because if you wait you will be digging right in the middle of your young grapes. Another added benefit to building a grape trellis early before the grapes really need it – is that it will give you time to tighten any slack that may develop as your posts settle.

Just Exactly What Type of Plant Is a Strawberry Plant?

Its a bush! No, its a tree! No, it’s a… what exactly IS a strawberry plant anyway?

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