Bringing In Calla & Caladium Bulbs for Storage + Potting Up Tomatoes & Herbs for the Greenhouse! πŸŒΏπŸ…πŸŒΏ

Creating a Bird Feeder For the Backyard Or Your Garden

Here are a few things you can use to make a real fast and easy bird feeder. For the people who drink the 2-liter soda out of the plastic containers, this will be very easy for them. For the people how do not have 2-liter soda bottle find a bottle that is comparable.

Organic Garden Soil and Thriving Plants

It doesn’t have to be a dream, it can easily be reality. Garden soil that is full of organic nutrients that your plants need to thrive and produce a yielding crop of flowers, herbs or vegetables. A soil that will have all your gardening friends wondering how you get your plants to grow so well.

Beauty of Garden Pots Lies in the Eyes of the Admirer

The presence of beautifully designed garden pots in your close surroundings is the best way to substitute sorrow with happiness. A garden pot is a unique item for indoor or outdoor decorations. There are varieties of pots for gardens available in the market. They have different shapes and sizes. These plant pots have been designed in multiple colors which can attract the eyes of a plant lover. These containers are appreciated for their scenic beauty. The pots are made with different types of materials. It may be made of ceramic, wood or plastic materials. They may also differ in their shape. Most garden containers are round-shaped, square-shaped, box or oval-shaped.

Italian Herb Garden – How You Can Benefit From Italian Herbs From Your Herb Garden

Someone that is considering starting an Italian herb garden should first consider the herbs that they use more often. Think about their specific needs for growth and whether or not you can meet those needs.

Pruning Grape Vines – 5 Tips For Producing More Grape Clusters

Bountiful grape clusters begin with proper grape vine pruning practices. Next to Sunlight and Airflow, Soil fertility and pruning practices are two of the most important things you should remember. Consider these 5 tips and reward yourself with healthy abundant grape clusters.

Care For Your Indoor Plants

Keeping indoor plants in a good physical shape is, however, not an easy task. Thus you will have to choose those plants only that can grow indoors without much light, air and water.

Garden Design Tips – Organic Fertilizer

I prefer the use of organic fertilizers due to all of its advantages. So what are the different types of organic fertilizers? There are many and most are easily accessible so you can start gardening organically in no time. But it would be no fun for me to tell you about all of the ways to fertilize organically, so I am going to only tell about the disgusting methods.

Garden Design Tips – Using Mulch in Your Home Garden

Have you ever lost plants in your garden due to the harsh effects of climate change? If that is the case, Mulch is the answer to your problems.

Garden Design Tips – Dividing Hostas For the Budget Conscious Gardener

I love my garden because of its beauty and the value it adds to our property. While my wife is a lover of all things colorful I am more of adding balance to the landscape type person. I am also notoriously cheap and like to find creative ways to improve our ever growing garden with as little money as possible.

Garden Design Tips – Lady Bugs

Lady Bugs have been the subject of superstition for centuries, nearly always as a harbinger of good luck, particularly of bountiful harvests. As with many folk beliefs, there is a sound basis for these superstitions since lady bugs are indeed a gardener’s best friend.

Orchids As Cut Flowers

Long known for their beauty and fragrance, orchids produce spectacular blossoms that often last for days, even weeks. Depending on the species, these blooms can be removed from their plants and used as cut flowers in many different ways, including stemmed flowers in a vase, a cluster of blossoms in a corsage, or as a single-flower boutonniere.

The Art of Indoor Gardening

Flowers and plants make the basic decorations you find in homes and corporations, gardens and shopping centers. Even vegetables are now grown indoors even if indoor gardening starts from more basic concepts.

How to Prune Your Trees

Branches that obstruct should be removed to start with. Pruning is also done to shape a tree, including the height or spread of a tree.

10 Gardening Ideas You Can Use This Weekend

Want to improve your garden? Want to make it more child friendly? Want to spend more time outside in the summer? Find out what you can do in your garden this weekend.

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