Brussels sprouts look very odd when growing…

Vegetables That Grow Well in Containers

Many of us grow vegetables in containers for several reasons. We may live in an apartment or condo (hopefully with a sunny balcony), not have much land or suitable land, or many other reasons. Container gardening is great and you can grow almost anything in a container, but some vegetables will grow much better and easier than others.

In a Nutshell – How to Grow, Harvest and Store Peanuts

From planting, to picking, to packing. The process of cultivating peanuts is put plainly through easy-to-follow steps.

Composting For the Apartment Dweller

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you need to forgo the benefits of recycling and creating your own compost. Many apartment dwellers raise beautiful container gardens full of vegetables and herbs for use in the kitchen.

Indoor Gardening Supplies – What You Need Now and Later

What do people with back yard space often have a dilemma about? That would be idle space. Many times homeowners do not know what to do with their backyard.

Annuals, Fertilizing, and Containers

I grow a lot of plants in containers and so do many other people. You may not have much land, or not much suitable land like I do, and containers let you grow just about everything ranging from herbs to vegetables to annuals. I’ve always grown vegetables and herbs in containers, but have recently started growing annuals this way as well.

How to Properly Raise Watermelons

You should remember that watermelons like a warm climate so you have to use plant covers to protect your crops and regulate temperature. Use fertilizers and compost to ensure that the plant will grow healthy.

How to Grow Artichokes

Are you wondering how to grow wonderful tasting artichokes? Here are some guidelines to get you started.

How to Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids

Do you want to grow gorgeous phalaenopsis orchids that you will be proud to show to your friends and family? Here are some tips to get you started.

Why Are Japanese Gardens So Popular?

Trends in landscaping are changing all the time, but one thing that seems to be here to stay is the Japanese garden. More and more people around Australia – and the world – are having Japanese gardens put into the landscaping of their home. It’s easy to see why Japanese gardens have become so popular, too.

How Does Composting Work? Understanding the Science of Compost

Whether you are aware of it or not, there are many factors that are hard at work in your compost pile. The two most important factors in compost are…

Habitat Gardening – Tips For Developing a Good Habitat

Habitat gardening simply means making your gardens appealing and safe for birds, bees, butterflies, and bugs. Grow plants that will attract them and feed them. Keep clean water available. Don’t use toxic sprays.

Borage Buzzes With Bees

My beautiful blue borage begins to bloom in February. I’m thrilled and the bees are too.

Vegetable Gardening Supplies and the Hunt For the Perfect Products

Vegetable gardening supplies can be found at your local garden center. Soil is one of the most vital aspects when gardening. The primary thing you must do before planting is to put in some compost to add nutrients to the soil. You can create your own compost if you do not want to add it on your budget for purchasing gardening supply. But you should create compost long before the planting season or else, you will have no choice but to purchase your first batch for the garden.

Composting Alternative – Food Digesters For Small Back Yards

If you want to compost, but you do not have the room for a large compost bin, you might consider a smaller back yard food digester. These handy little devices are the easiest way to create compost from all of your kitchen scraps and since they are completely contained, they will not attract pests, such as rats.

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