Build a Cheap, DIY Soil Sifter for $20 or Less!

Home Aquaponics – Is It Really That Easy?

If you look at pictures of DIY home aquaponics systems you may think that the system is extremely simple – it’s basically two containers, a few tubes and some fish in water. Is it really that simple? The answer is yes. You can easily build such a system, provided that you know what you are doing. We will talk about how you can build such a system very cheaply and efficiently, so that you can grow 10 times more plants on the same surface area and with the same number of fish in the water.

Top Tips For Planting Blueberry Bushes In Your Garden Or Plantation

Planting Blueberry bushes needs preparation. The best time to plant them is in autumn or winter leaving about 1.5, gaps between them and water with rainwater where possible as tap water contains lime which renders the soil less acidic over time.

A Brief Tribute To Flowers

The giving of flowers has long established its significance in history, and although much of the meanings have evolved the main sentiment is still intact. People will look to a flower for any number of reasons such as birthdays, funerals or mothers day and no matter where you are in the world the ritual of flower giving will have the same or similar meaning.

How to Grow Grapes in Your Garden

Grapes are delicious fruits. However, growing them effectively can prove a challenge. If you want to grow yourself some grapes, you need to be aware of some important things so that you can harvest healthy and beautiful fruits.

What Is With That Green Pond Water?

When you have a pond or lake on your land, the last thing you want to look out there and see is green water. To some people, this can be aggravating. Some spend a lot of time with trying to eliminate that green water and change it to the colour that it is supposed to be.

Indoor Gardening – Nutrients for Newbs, Part 2: Nitrogen

Nitrogen! The “N” in “N-P-K”. This is arguably the most important nutrient needed by your plants. How important you ask? Well, let’s take a look at a few examples of things it does for plants, and then determine how important it really is.

Best Culinary Herbs to Grow at Home

As herb gardening is quickly becoming a very popular hobby as people look for ways to save money and eat healthier. Herbs that you grow in your own garden or in your home have higher nutritional value than herbs that you can buy at the store. They also cost less and are much better for you because they have not been sprayed with dangerous chemicals like insecticides. Some people even take this to the next level and make money by selling the extra herbs that they grow in their gardens at farmers markets or just to their neighbors.

How About Some Odd Gardening Helpers

A quick look around in old gardening magazines and books can often give some great ideas. These usually cost nothing, as they are already available. Here are some ideas.

Growing Peppers For The Pot

Whether you call them peppers or capsicums, these vegetables are one of the easiest and most rewarding to grow. They are also delicious both raw and cooked, and they make a versatile ingredient in many recipes.

Flower Boxes – Setting Your Home With Nature’s Touch

The constant progress in technology has brought tremendous benefits and valuable trends in the fields of home improvement and gardening. A range of methods are being introduced to bring out the best of the interior and exterior arrangements of our homes. One fantastic method is the use of containers in creating a garden or growing lovely and lavish flowers and ornamental plants. One container gardening strategy that is extensively utilized nowadays is the use of flower boxes in creating a greener touch to our homes. These container boxes can be bought or can be just built and customized by your own. In order to come up with a flower box that exposes a stunning effect, you should consider choosing the ornamental plants or flowers that best fit the theme of your flower box. This will take more than how colorful and attractive the flowers are, but how they thrive bountifully to maximize the space of the container garden.

Get Free Seeds and Create a Beautiful Garden

A beautiful garden is everyone’s dream. When you’re living in a big home with plenty of kids, you need a personal recreational spot. Try to plant seeds and start caring for your future garden. It’s not that difficult to grow plants especially because most of them need light and water to survive. Of course, a soil rich in minerals is additional recommended.

Bee Keeping for Beginners

Beekeeping is also known as apiculture. It is the act of rearing bees for the purpose of collecting bee products. These products have a huge demand.

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