Building a 2000+ Gallon Garden Pond!

Gardening Advice – Three Tips For New Gardeners

Gardening can be a rewarding activity, because of the beauty that your plants and flowers will add to your surroundings. It is also a good way to de-stress and to enjoy the gifts of nature. Here are some tips that new gardeners can learn from.

Drying Lavender the Right Way

The most appropriate time to harvest lavender is on a dry sunny season. Instructions to Dry Lavender are first, harvest the lavender according to specified time of day and conditions. Choose the time when the plants are starting to open up and to shine bright. A pair of scissors will do the job. Cut them about 4-5 inches below the flower heads.

Backyard Landscape – Winning the Battle of the Weeds in Your Small Garden

Once you have finished your small garden design and started the installation you will certainly be quickly faced with every gardener’s nemesis: weeds. Just like the plants you have so carefully selected for your new garden weeds are living, breathing plants that will thrive in the same conditions you are so carefully creating with your new small garden design. In other words, the very nutritious soil you are providing for the ornamental plants will feed and nurture the weeds as well.

Three Beginner Tomato Growing Problems and How to Avoid Them

When you are new to gardening you are bound to face some challenges and growing tomato plants has its own problems too. Everything from soil preparation to location and choice of plant to correct watering has a vital role to play in growing tomatoes successfully. But it’s really quite a simple process once you know how.

Growing Tomatoes Information That You Can Use Today

Growing up it seemed like a lot of people had their own garden even without all the cutting edge, growing tomatoes information we have today. Then almost overnight very few people had a garden due to time constraints, and limited space. Suddenly it seems that people are flocking back to home gardening, particularly growing tomatoes. It could be simple economics, or remembering the good ole days growing up, maybe they just have more time. Whatever the reason it is great to grow and eat fresh tomatoes from your own garden.

How to Grow Upside Down Tomatoes Easily

Tomatoes are thought to be as one of the major ingredients in cooking. They are one of the most ordinary vegetables that you can see in every home kitchen and refrigerator. They are also considered as one of the most common plants that you can find growing bountiful in the garden of every gardener.

Tips For Setting Up a Container Herb Garden

The popularity of herb gardening has seen many people start to grow their own herbs and growing herbs in containers has taken on a new thrust. Find out how to plant up a great container herb garden.

The Secrets of Planting Mixed Garden Containers

Most gardeners will plant a container with a particular type of plant, never mixing vegetables with flowers. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why? Find out another secret of container gardening here.

How to Identify Common Orchids

Okay, let’s start with the obvious way to identify orchids….does it have a tag? Maybe it’s stuck deep in the pot or on a stick inserted into the soil? If there’s no tag you might want to go back to where you bought it and see if there’s another plant just like it with a tag.

Top Ten Tools That No Gardener Should Be Without

Gardening is as much art as it is science, and just like the painter is nothing without his/her brushes, the gardener is nothing without his/her tools. There is a wide variety of gardening tools available to the gardener, many of which are rather unnecessary. However, some tools are so crucial to the gardener that it would be virtually impossible to garden without them. Here are 10 essential tools that no gardener should be without:

Hosta American Halo

Hosta American Halo is a beautiful and large shade plant. It has variegation of white and green edges. The attractive leaves are strongly textured.

Three Best Buds For Butterflies

I think of butterflies as the ultimate living garden ornament (oh, okay, hummingbirds, too.) If you’d like to ensure that your painless garden is a welcome spot for these jewels of the air, here are the three of butterflies’ best buds.

Hosta American Icon

Hosta American Icon is one of the most beautiful and dramatic Hosta plants. It has variegated leaves of green and yellow. The leaves are also wavy all along the edges.

Planting Blueberries

So you want information on planting blueberries, huh? Blueberries are very tasty and nutritious. They can be grown in the garden in an area that is well worked and open to the sun.

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