Building a Stackable DIY Worm Farm for $30 πŸ›

Organic Artichokes – The Tasty Way to Good Health

Artichokes can be grown all round the year. They are not only healthy but also have a good visual appeal that makes them an attractive ornamental plant. Artichokes are an excellent way to good health.

How to Create a Drought Tolerant Garden

Australia is a large country with very diverse climate conditions. Southern Australian weather conditions are changing and we are no longer receiving as much rain as we did when we established our gardening traditions in the 19th century.

Reel Lawn Mowers – Are They Right for You?

For many home owners, reel lawn mowers, also known as push mowers, are making a comeback as their first choice for cutting their lawns. There are a number of good reasons for this, but reel lawn mowers may not be for everyone. Read about the pros and cons of these eco-and-heart friendly alternatives to gas and electric powered lawn mowers to decide if they are right for you.

Things to Consider in Getting Compost Bins

Compost bins are one of the basic tools that every person engaged in composting should have. It is basically a tool that is used to discard organic household wastes and other organic trashes. It is a container that aides in the decomposition of organic waste that transforms organic materials to a more useful products that fertilizes the garden.

Healthy Herbs – Garlic – Facts and Benefits

Well tomorrow I will be planting some Garlic cloves, it is about that time. I will be planting the Garlic cloves in an area which I will be starting a new flower bed.

The Geelong Botanic Gardens

This is an article that explains the concepts of the new modern section of the Geelong Botanic Gardens. It talks about creating gardens using less water but still connecting the with the 19th century garden.

How To Become A Great Gardener

First of all there are so many people who are afraid to try their hand at gardening; not knowing that gardening is one of the most relaxing ways there is to ease everyday stress. I personally love it and have for more years than I care to remember. Getting started with a garden is somewhat simple once you have chosen your location and made your decision on what you will be planting, flowers, herbs vegetables or whatever.

How to Decide What to Plant in a Vegetable Garden

You may sense a small lost feeling when you first start to decide on what to plant in a vegetable garden. Don’t worry – many people get this feeling in the beginning. There are so many different vegetables and varieties of each vegetable to pick from, it can make you lightheaded. Here’s what to consider.

How to Plan Your Garden Food Production for Self-Sufficiency

When you are new to trying your hand at growing your own food, it can be daunting to know where to begin. How do you plan a garden for food production? Is it possible to become self-sufficient in a short time? It’s understandable to want to grow everything your first year. Experienced gardeners and homesteaders know, from trial and error, that it’s best to get into self-sufficiency one task at a time.

Food, Health and Beauty: Enjoying a Home Herb Garden

There are so many types of gardening, but none are as simple to plant and maintain as a home herb garden. Even better, maintaining a home herb garden is inexpensive, as the plants are cheap and they don’t require lots of water and fertilizer. It’s a rewarding kind of gardening because newbies can become instant successes, enjoying great rewards no matter what their gardening skill level.

What to Know When Planting Vegetables in Containers

Just about any spot you have in or around your house that receives a good 8 hours of sunlight is an excellent place for planting vegetables in containers. Container gardens can be adapted to the space you have and your favorite foods. Container gardens or mini-gardens, as they are sometimes called, can be set up in a variety of growing containers. They can come in many shapes, colors, sizes and materials to add to the character of your yard, patio or home.

Garden Using Those Pesky Plastic Pots

Anyone who has a garden or ever got a potted plant has had to deal with those seemingly useless plastic pots. Most people throw them out. I save them until they crumble-re-using over and over again. They can be the “greenest” item in your garden that save you the most green.

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