Burying a clay face in my garden

Butterfly Garden – A Touch of Natural Beauty in Your Home

Butterfly is one of the most beautiful animals in the world. Because of its beauty, it becomes a symbol of metamorphose. No matter how disgusting it is as a caterpillar, all people will like it when it turns into a butterfly. They even try to catch it and attract it to their gardens.

Growing the Oregano Plant at Home

You can use the leaves right away and fine chop them for more flavors. Unused leaves can be stored inside the refrigerator but put them inside a plastic. You can also hang the harvested stems and leaves of oregano plant in a dark, cool, and well ventilated room.

Maintaining a Productive Garden

Having a lawn mower saves you a lot of time and energy in prepping up your garden. Therefore, it is necessary to know which model suits your garden. Identifying the garden’s purpose is the first step in choosing lawn mowers. John Deere and Toro are trusty and reliable lawn mowers. They were proclaimed many times as manufacturers of the year making them highly recommended. By investing on efficient outdoor power equipments like these, you are sure to get the best value for your money.

How to Establish Vigorous Fast Growing Trees Part 1 – Roots

Roots are literally the foundation of a tree. What your tree does is entirely dependent on how and how well the root system is developed. The first thing we will discuss is the taproot.

Gardening Under Lights – Bromeliads

A delightfully bizarre group of plants, the bromeliads have long starred in botanical garden exhibits, attracting attention with their brilliant blooms and their neat rosette; of foliage _often so shiny that they appeal to have been varnished. Many can be classed as succulents be cause they often store an emergency supply of water; not inside fleshy leaves as true succulents do, but in a natural, vase-shaped center formed by their durable foliage. Natives of the tropical forests of Central and South America, bromeliads fall into two distinct groups: terrestrials, which grow in soil or between…

Roses For Sale

There are hundreds of places to purchase roses online today. Here are my thoughts as to what and where to proceed before buying roses that will arrive at your home without any damage.

Composting – 4 Reasons You Should Start Now

Thinking about composting at home? This article will tell you why you should get started today.

Buffalo Turfgrass Applications

Buffalo grass is a perennial grass with origins in the Great Plains as far north as Montana. The reason for the name is that the grass provided nourishment and supported the great herds of buffalo that roamed and ate it along the Great Plains.

Preserving Our Insect Friends in the Garden

Let’s first talk about some friendly insect pests. Not all insect pests are destructive. If you’re not extra careful in your garden, you might as will kill those insect pests that are useful and especially important as friends in the garden. These insects get their livelihood from other insects as their source of food, and most of these food are the ones that destroys our crops. Next time you visit your garden, be observant.

Winter Blues

This winter so far we have had proper weather, freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall and windy rainy days; enough to stop anyone from venturing outside to peer at their garden. I have so far looked at mine of the kitchen window and can see my poor garden has suffered more than usual this year and is looking fairly bleak. As the winter solstice is now behind us, slowly the days are getting lighter at last and it is a good time to start planning the year ahead.

How to Start Vegetable Seeds Early (Indoors)

Starting vegetable seeds early is a great way to get a jump on the gardening season. Not only will you be ready to transplant 6 week old (or more) seedlings into the soil as soon as it’s warm enough, but you will also save money over buying seedlings from your local nursery. Here are some tips to follow when starting seeds early.

How to Keep Pests From Bothering Your Vegetable Garden!

This has got to be one of the most frustrating things for the gardener. You have spent hours upon hours of hard work getting everything prepared, planted, watered, and weeded only to have a rabbit or groundhog decimate your crop. What can you do to prevent them coming back for the second course? The following tips can be very useful in making sure that you are not a victim of these rodents and their voracious appetites. Some of the suggestions are more humane than others.

The Many Benefits of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

If you maintain your lawn properly it can certainly add to the property’s curb appeal and provide you with an outdoors space that all you family and friends can enjoy. Yet as with many things today a lot of us simply do not have the time to spend on keeping their lawns in good order because there are other things that need to be done.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch!

Creating a garden from a grassy patch of land is a lot of work, but well worth it in the long run. Follow these steps and you will be harvesting the fruits of your labor in no time!

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