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How To Grow Plants With LED Growing Lights

Growing vegetables, flowers and plants with LED lighting is a blending of several factors which includes proper and appropriately timed nutrition, accurate watering, the right room temperature and the correct design for lighting coverage. In the event that you are a new comer to the intriguing world of indoor gardening or greenhouse, you should not be overwhelmed by the process of LED growing lights. The following are several tips that will help with prosperous plant growth using LEDS: This type of lighting can be positioned nearer to the growing plants due to the low heat which the fixtures…

Solar Garden Lighting – The Next Generation Of Lights For Your Gardens

Today, there are a number of different ways in which you might be able to illuminate your garden. Depending primarily on what kind of look you intend to develop for your garden, it might be essential to decide on the ideal kind of lights so that you get the perfect effect as a result of it.

Growing Onions Can Be Fun!

Onion is a very popular vegetable around the world and there are many varieties as well.  Onions are very easy to grow and are a wonderful addition to your garden. You can grow onions from seeds, seedlings, or sets (small bulblets). It’s great to grow too! Here’s how growing onions can be fun.

Gardening for the Elderly or Disabled

Indoor gardening is a great hobby for anyone who is disabled or infirm. Even a person who is wheelchair-bound can tend pots on shelves of a suitable height and if the shelves are fitted with wheels they can be moved with ease.

Make a Home Vegetable Garden Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Whether it is being successful at those new resolutions you just set for yourself or just trying to make the New Year a little better than the previous year for your family, there are items on your to-do list that you need to tackle every day. Here is one resolution to add to your list if you have not done so already, home vegetable gardening.

How to Grow Peppers in Your Garden!

Your garden just wouldn’t be complete without the addition of delicious sweet bell peppers.  Peppers are a very common staple in kitchens and there are varieties to choose from.  You have your choice of red, yellow, green, and orange, as well as various hot peppers as well.

Water and Your Hydroponic System

The “hydro” in hydroponic system of course stands for the presence of water in place of (all or in part) of soil as a means to which to deliver nutrients to your plants and expedite growth. Understanding how water migrates through a hydroponic system and being able to monitor its cleanliness and pH level is essential to growing healthy plants on the timetable you are looking for. Knowing the proper pH level and also how much nutrients to add into the water supply are things you should know verbatim or at the very least have written down in a safe…

Simple Grow Box

This article is here to bring you what the title suggests, a simple yet effective means to grow at home. You will need a basic wooden box, four feet by four feet with a bottom and a top at about two and a half feet tall, depending on how tall you are looking to grow your plants. I myself prefer plants that grow “out” not “up” but everyone is different so adjust the height to meet your own needs.

The Difference Between Organic and Synthetic Fertilizers

Usage of Organic-fertilizers is safer than synthetic fertilizers as they only do what Mother Nature has been doing for us for years. They thus do not pose a threat of environmental hazards and long term side effects. More over they are made from natural ingredients and are less prone to causing environmental hazards Although government agencies have tested artificial fertilizers.

Why Do We Need Water Plants?

Aquatic plants are extremely beneficial as far as the health of your pond or aquarium is concerned. They are also an undervalued part of the freshwater eco-systems.

What Are Hydroponic Plants?

Hydroponic plants are the ones which are grown in water without soil. This method is becoming increasingly popular these days because they do not need large amount of water supplies and of farmlands which are extremely fertile.

Why Grow Plants With Hydroponics?

The Hydroponic technique is nothing but the use of water containers as the growing media rather than soil for the plants. This method is becoming increasingly popular because they do not require large amount of water supplies or huge farmlands.

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