Can Potatoes Grow in Almost Anything? – Part 3 of the Potato Grow Bag Trials

Winter in Your Garden

As fall inevitably turns into winter, I start thinking about hardiness. It turns out that, for most plants, survival is strongly related to dormancy-the plant equivalent of hibernation.

Choosing the Right Design When Building Greenhouses

Building greenhouses is fun especially if one is talking about the design. The aesthetics and the function have to blend seamlessly in order for you to come up with the best greenhouse that would meet your gardening needs.

The Beauty of Orchid Flowering

What is so wonderful about orchid flowering? The flowering orchid is a beautiful spectacle that provides the grower with a sense of fulfillment. The grower also gains enjoyment from the beauty of the orchid plant. Consider some tips to successful orchid flowering using the Cymbidium as a case study example.

Herb Garden Plants – About Mint

One wonderful variety of the herbs for growing is mint. This is very easy to grow and does not require too much effort from the gardener. It gives off a great smell that will refresh you every time you walk past the area where the plant has been planted.

Home Herb Garden Secrets

There will not be difference in opinion if you are told that home grown herbs taste a lot better than those picked up from the racks at the supermarket. After all, these are fresh and usually plucked just before you are going to add them to your salad or sauce.

Useful Herb Gardening Information

Herbs may be a very tolerant kind of plant but they need care nevertheless and here are a few areas that you should remember when you start an herb garden. Before you start an herb garden clean up the area where the plants are going to be planted. This includes digging the soil to remove all weeds that may already be present, their roots and other organic matter.

What to Look For in an Italian Herb Garden

Savory and potent herbs make Italian cuisine both tasty and famous. Nothing can compare to the fine seasonings found in Italian herb gardens. Open up the soul of the chef within you by growing Italian herbs.

Mid Spring Containers in the Garden

Many of the short daffodils can be used in mid spring containers. Although they are not all as dwarf as those that flower in early spring, there are several that are suitable for growing in hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs. Some of the short daffodils are multi headed and are valued by gardeners for providing a beautiful display where planting space is at a premium.

Hyacinths in a Container Garden

By now hyacinths are in flower, too. Many beautiful shades such as pink, blue, amethyst, yellow and white, are available, and all the colors seem to have their equivalent or contrast in primroses, with which they associate so well. Strong on impact and perfume, hyacinths also associate beautifully with other bulbs, such as the rich blues of grape hyacinth, as well as all the double early tulips.

Creating a Good Plan For Growing Garden Herbs

Growing garden herbs is a great way to add an attractive element to your existing garden. Having the right plan will help you to be able to not only grow fresh herbs, but also keep the garden you have. In order to get started with your plan, you need to take into consideration what conditions the individual plants will grow best in.

Developing Perfect Garden Soil For Herbs

When getting ready to plant herbs, it is important to properly prepare the garden soil. By preparing your soil properly, you will have less weeds and a better harvest. Do not plant seeds without first preparing the soil. This article will give you the tips to grow the best looking and tasting herbs possible.

Sustainably Grown Local Food by Eagle Street Rooftop Farms in Brooklyn NY

Greenpoint, Brooklyn earned its name from the rich, river-front land that made it a natural site for colonial-era farms. Of course, that same location made it a perfect location for heavy industry and these days the name seems like more of a joke as the area is better known for its warehouses and defunct factories. A new development, though, unites both parts of neighborhood history and has brought the green back to the point. Rooftop Farms has covered a warehouse roof on the East River with over 200,000 pounds of soil and 30 varieties of crops, backed by an improbably great view of the Manhattan skyline.

Beautiful Gardens Are Created Over Time and Pink Flamingos Have a Place in Them

Pink plastic flamingos and other lawn and garden ornaments can be the difference between an ordinary house and a very special home. As funny as it sounds, the pink birds can have a special place in the outdoor landscape of your home.

Starting a Windowsill Herb Garden

Start a windowsill herb garden is much easier than you think. Find out what you need to know to begin growing your own herb garden right now.

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