Cat’s Pajamas Nepeta–an amazing plant for landscapes!

Bulbils and Lifting in Propagating Bulbs

Lilies have another way of propagating themselves. As well as forming offsets and seeds, some lilies will produce bulbils at leaf axils up their stems. These fall off in time and form new plants when the root into the soil at the foot of the parent plant, where they will soon develop. These miniatures bulbs can be lifted in autumn and potted on ready for planting out 18 months later.

Weather Warning and Self Propagation Bulbs

Although the compost needs to be keep moist, never water when frost is forecast, and be careful about watering on a sunny winter’s day as clear night skies cause temperatures to plummet. When water on damp, dank days when cloud cover will mean less extreme temperatures. It is better to allow the compost to stay on the dry side in cold weather.

Herb Garden Design Ideas

Your herb garden should be functional and attractive. If you visit other people’s gardens, it should help you with your own herb garden designs. There are several important things to decide before you plant your first herb.

Watering in the Greenhouse and Sitting Containers

In winter the watering of pots and baskets can be tricky. Sunny weather encourages us into the green house to inspect the plants and maybe then we think of watering. For most of the plants regular watering will not be needed during the winter months as the soil needs just to be kept barely moist. Occasional light watering might be necessary as the compost will inevitably dry out where the green house catches lots of sunshine.

How Often Should You Water Your Mittleider Garden?

Here’s the question. I was reading the message about watering tomatoes, and I’m confused. I thought that tomatoes needed deep watering less often. I’ve only been watering twice a week, but really deep.

What You Should Know About Container-Grown Plants

If they are grown in containers, all bulbs that might be described as summer exotics will need frost free conditions at a minimum temperature of 7 degree Celsius to survive in the winter. Take action before the first frosts are threatened in the autumn. You must allow the plants to dry off naturally. Then carefully clean away the soil from corms, tubers, rhizomes and bulbs before storing them in cool, dry conditions.

Am I Eating Vegetables Or Fruits?

I love my vegetable garden, and I suspect you enjoy yours too. We eat one or two meals a day from our garden.

Avoiding Diseases in Tomatoes

From what I have investigated on the internet, it is recommended that you grow tomatoes in different locations if possible. I had a pretty good yield this year (Michigan), but my tomato plants did suffer from blight.

Avoiding Plant As Well As Human Diseases By Adjusting PH!

Much has been written, and much hand-wringing has been done trying to avoid, understand, and control the disease commonly known as Late Blight, or Phitopthora, which often affects potatoes. His answer was so simple it was shocking, until I remembered an amazing book I am reading about human health and nutrition called The pH Miracle, by Robert O. Young, Ph.D and Shelley Redford Young. I recommend it highly, and will try to explain why below.

Pick Your Herb Garden Plants – It’s Easy

Don’t let lack of knowledge keep you from enjoying your own home grown herbs. It’s easy to pick out just the right herb garden plants…I’ll show you how.

Growing Herbs in Pots the Easy Way

Growing herbs in pots is a worthwhile hobby that gives back to the whole family, not to mention it can be a lot of fun. Read this article to find out how you can grow your own herbs in pots and to make your home more beautiful.

Getting Started With Organic Gardening and Simple Tips to Make it Work

There are different practices in gardening. However, modern ways of cultivating land make use of chemicals for growth induction and fighting pests. Although the use of chemicals have served their purpose but it has also threatened the lives of many biological creatures. Chemicals are non-selective. It can kill whatever is on its way.

How to Plan the Design and Layout of Your Organic Garden

Do you want to layout your organic garden in such a way that it will be both pleasing to the eyes and functional? This article will tell you several ways on how you can do this.

Extraordinary Herb Garden Plants

Creation in itself is amazing. We only have to look at nature to know that this earth was created by design and not evolution. How can chance (evolution) have happened in such an organized and pre-programmed fashion so that everything in nature happens and fit together like they do? Evolution is like throwing a bunch of pencils onto the ground and expecting them to somehow get reorganised into a tidy bunch again, by themselves!

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