Changing The Color Of Your Hydrangeas

Alternative Methods for Storing Your Herbs

  While drying is considered an age-old method that has been perfected though the years, there are alternative methods to store and preserve your herbs. One of these methods is freezing. In the mid 1900’s this method became popular as modern refrigerators made this method economical.

Mulch – The Gardener’s Friend

Mulching can be a very labour saving exercise because some mulch can be used to suppress weeds by excluding light from the soil. Not only that, but a mulch can be used to help keep the moisture in and be decorative too.

Amending Your Soil – The Natural Way

Continuous planting in your garden consumes almost all the food nutrients in the soil. After a couple of uses without taking into consideration the status of your soil, you’ll later found out that your soil becomes depleted. Your depleted soil need to be improved to return back lost food nutrients in order to produce a healthy vegetables and luscious flowers back to life.

5 Basic Tips for Growing Peppers in Your Home Vegetable Garden

Peppers are the third most popular vegetable grown in the home vegetable garden. There are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from however the basic concepts to grow them are the same for just about all of them. Here are 5 basics on peppers to get you started.

Grow Tents Explained

Grow tents are purpose built, mobile grow rooms for the cultivation of plants, indoors in an easily managed, clean, controlled environment. Grow tents enable the user to easily set up or dismantle their mobile grow room for moving to different locations without the use of tools. The construction of the grow tent is based around lightweight poles forming the inner frame of which the laminated outer skin zips around securing the light inside.

Garden Tool Storage Buildings – What Are the Main Benefits?

The main benefits of using garden tool storage buildings include the fact that you can keep your lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and gardening tools away from the elements, secure from theft and out of reach from children and pets. Depending upon the type of garden machinery and tools you want storage for you will need to work out what size and type of garden building you will need in order to cover and secure it.

Fencing Companies That Provide Vinyl Fencing

Fencing companies that provide vinyl fencing are available through the online directory. Vinyl fencing is an excellent option for both security and privacy for commercial and residential businesses. Simply use your ZIP code to locate a contractor in your vicinity that services your area.

Get Growing With A Temporary Greenhouse

Are you thinking of trying to build your own greenhouse but are not sure the right place to start? If so then keep reading because this article is the one for you.

Can You Stop a Watch By Wearing It?

I am intensely interested in this subject and the purpose of writing this article is to find others out there that have the same ability. This article does have to do with plants and gardening so I think is appropriate in this category.

The Benefits of Mulching

The many benefits of mulching were known to our ancestors for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It seems we forgot about these benefits for a while. Now, with the re-focus on green living and organic gardening, we are rediscovering these benefits. In this article, I will highlight these benefits and explain why you’d be crazy not to make mulching part of your gardening habits.

Fertilizer Guidelines For Growing Grapevines

This article gives you specific details on what fertilizers to use that are best for grape vines. Organic techniques in growing grape cultivars have steadily risen in popularity these past few years. The use of organic fertilizers or animal manure is recommended during establishment, the growth season, and the post-harvest.

Leaf Mould – The Ideal Soil Conditioner

Leaf mould is an ideal soil conditioner and easy to make, especially if you have a petrol leafblower or garden vac. With all the leaves that fall in autumn they can soon make your garden look unsightly but all those leaves can be used to make a mulch or a leaf mould. If you have a leaf blower then a lot of the leaves can be blown under shrubs and bushes where they will act as a mulch and eventually rot down, improving the soil that way.

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