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Essential Things to Know About Your Phal Orchid

Phal orchids are great for beginners because they are easy to care for and are absolutely beautiful when they bloom. They do however, have some specific requirements which, if ignored, can lead to infrequent blooming and even death of your plant.

Design Ideas For the Do it Yourself Gardener

How many times do we come home from the nursery with a car full of plants and then get home and be totally stumped on where to put them, or we end up moving plants around every spring. Unfortunately I hear this story quite often.

Fertilizing Orchids – 5 Simple Rules of (Green) Thumb

In order to ensure that you are providing the best for your orchids, it is important that you use an orchid fertilizer that has been optimized for the unique needs that orchids have. Fertilizing your orchids properly will help ensure you get the best out of your orchids. Follow the simple steps in this article for great results.

Should You Use Organic Weed Killer?

It is possible to use herbicide or organic weed killer to kill unwanted plant growth in organic gardens without introducing any dangerous chemicals into your backyard. There are a growing number of people that will look specifically for organic weed killer even if their garden is not 100% organic.

Neem – A Great Natural Organic Fertiliser

One of the most humble, yet useful trees in the world is neem. Neem is a very simple-looking tree, but despite its appearance, it has many practical uses. It is part of the Mahogany family and has many names.

Buying Organic Seeds

If you have decided that you want to have a truly organic garden then you really need to buy organic seeds. Even if you have avoided using weed killer or pesticide in your garden, unless the plants are grown from organic seeds they are not truly organic. It is possible that standard seeds have been subjected to various kinds of sprays when they were growing on the parent plant and you have no way of checking this.

Learn About Organic Gardening

There is a great selection of books available to help you learn about organic gardening and these are a great starting point for anybody who wants to begin gardening in the organic way. Essentially this means avoiding the use of any harmful chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Also, if you want to grow a truly organic garden, you will need to begin with seeds or bedding plants that have been already been grown organically.

How to Make Organic Pesticides at Home

Did you know that you can cheaply and easily make your own organic pesticides at home? You don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money on commercial organic pesticides when you realize how many items you already have around the house that can be used for organic pest control in your own garden. Here are just a few ideas.

Small Garden Design – Plan Before You Plant Your Vegetable Garden

Small garden design is important to think about ahead of time.Β  Planting a small vegetable garden may fit your personality and needs. In periods of financial trouble, planting a small garden becomes a viable way of dealing with two issues: it helps to reduce costs related to purchasing food, and it presents the chance to market excess yield to buddies and neighbors.

Natural Sprays For Pests and Diseases, As Helpful As Natural Organic Fertiliser in Organic Gardening

Aside from keeping the soil healthy and rich with the use of natural organic fertiliser such as seaweed fertiliser and fish fertiliser, another way to ensure the success of organic gardening is by guarding your plants from pests and diseases. Yes, even fruits and vegetables can get diseases that may cause them to stop growing or may result in their poor quality. Good thing there are now natural sprays for pests and diseases that are readily available in organic stores.

Top 7 Tips For a Healthier Lawn

Are you searching for effective ways to make your lawn look much greener? Then go ahead and make use of these top five tips so you can finally enjoy a healthier, well-maintained lawn!

Are You Looking For Orchid Information?

Orchids are a very popular houseplant that have a reputation of being hard to grow. Armed with the proper information this is not really the case. Orchids are no more difficult to grow than African Violets.

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