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Growing Muscadine Grapes Out Of Seedlings

Muscadine grapes are native to southeast America and have been grown in vineyards since the 16th century. Ripe Muscadines are black in color and have tough skins that need to be pierced to taste their sweet, innocent pulp. Although Muscadines can be eaten raw, they can also be used to make wine, juice, and jelly because of their composition.

What Is Hydroponics And How Is It Used?

Hydroponics is one method that is being frequently used by farmers around the world and can be used by people who are interested in growing their own plants whether outdoors or indoors. Hydroponics simply means raising plants using only water. The water used here has fertilizers that are rich in nutrients which is exactly what is needed by plants.

Orchid Information That You Need to Know

Orchids are interesting flowers; if you are one of the people who are fascinated by this beautiful plant, there are certain orchids information that you can acquire either from the books or in the Internet; these facts may be useful in taking care of your orchid plants. 1. Like other living things, the orchid plants also have their basic needs.

How to Get Rid of Those Red Ants in Your Garden

Believe me, you’ll hate those small creatures in your garden that are really painful once they bite on to your skin. It’s really bothersome to see them attacking your eggplant, tomatoes, pepper, and almost majority of your vegetables are victims of these little ants, yet a problem in our garden. I have experience the tremendous pain by these ants when I was weeding my plants and I happen to dug into their colony, not knowing there was any, when suddenly my feet was already half covered by these tiny creatures.

Salad Crops

These vegetables are the best crops for new gardeners to start with because they can be fitted in around other plants, even grown in flower beds and mixed borders. They grow and mature quickly and tend to suffer from fewer problems than many other vegetables. You can achieve a year round harvest by selecting the right combination of lettuce varieties and sowing in succession. Sow undercover or under cloches in early spring for a crop in late spring and then follow this at intervals with further sowings made when the previous sowing has produced sturdy seedlings.

Potatoes And Leafy Vegetables

Harvest early potatoes when the flowers open. The tubers should be the size of a large hen’s egg and the skin should rub off easily. You do not have to dig up the whole plant, simply delve into the soil with your hands and remove the tubers that have reached the right size, leaving undersized ones to develop further. Main crop potatoes should be harvested when the top growth known as haulm turns yellow and dies down and the skin on the tubers does not rub off. Remove the haulm and add it to the compost heap, then wait a week before lifting the potatoes.

Home Grown Organic Vegetables – A Weekend In The Garden – Ground Preparation

Spring has sprung in Australia and the ground temperature is slowly warming up. Last weekend and This past weekend I spent my free time preparing the well wintered vegetable garden block for planting. The first true Spring days seem to present themselves around the beginning of October providing the perfect conditions to prepare the garden bed for planting…

Protecting Vegetables

The vegetable garden, with its rows of closely growing crops, is an ideal breeding ground for many pests and diseases. Always take preventive action before any problem gets out of hand. Most insect pests are fairly easy to control with chemicals, but in the vegetable garden it is always worth considering technique that will help to prevent the pest from becoming a problem in the first place, making spraying unnecessary. Plant debris and weeds will provide vital over wintering sites for pests and diseases and so must be cleared away to prevent problems persisting from one season to the next.

Backyard Pond Changes With The Season

One thing to be said for a backyard pond is that it will change your whole perspective about gardening. It is not just the plants or the sounds of the waterfall but it is all the new creatures that will begin to show up in the garden.

Timing And Barriers

Most pests have an annual life cycle, so if you understand when the pest is most likely to be a problem you can avoid it. For example, peas sown before early spring and after late spring will not be in flower when the pea month is on the wing so it cannot be attacked. Similarly, carrots sown by late spring will be harvested before midsummer to avoid carrot fly, and later sowings of brassicas can avoid the worst of the flea beetle attacks. Many pests can be outsmarted by using barriers.

Tomatoes on Your Backyard

Tomatoes are a lovely fruit, they make sandwiches taste good, they make salads taste good and they taste ever so good grilled. There’s nothing better than a plump, ripe, juicy red tomato to brighten up your plate and freshen up your palette, however a lot of the time, store bought tomatoes are not the splendorous experience you want your tomato to be as they are usually bruised, not yet to full ripeness or otherwise in an unappetizing state. The great tomatoes come of course, with an equally great price.

The Onion Family

Bulbous vegetables including onions, leeks, garlic and shallots are very easy to grow and store, making them one of the most straightforward types of vegetables to provide a year round supply for the kitchen. They can be raised from seed or grown from mini bulbs. For onions, sow them in the early spring for a late summer harvest, or midsummer for a spring crop of Japanese varieties. Keep plants weed free. There is no need to water unless the summer is particularly dry.

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