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Growing Your Orchids

Are you clamoring for great tips on which orchids to grow? Here are facts that will help you make the right choice.

“Healthy” Tomato Plants Won’t Set Fruit

Many places will tell you that low temperatures below 55 at night, and high temperatures above 90 during the day inhibit fruit set. Our experience has been that these can have an influence, but that other factors may be more important. We have grown tomatoes, with blossoms continuing to set fruit, in temperatures beyond those extremes.

Is Amending and Testing Your Soil Necessary?

Testing the soil is not necessary for the family gardener. It is expensive, and you can know what it will tell you by learning the average annual rainfall, and then planting radishes. They will tell you very quickly what is deficient in the soil.

Compost Bins – Make and Use Them With the Rule of Three

Compost bins remove the mystery from composting for many people. For many years organic gardeners have known about the number three for composting. Here are a few ways that your composter can respond to the number three.

Compost Bins – Where to Put Them For Best Results

Compost bins range from simple wire loops to quite elaborate constructs. Especially in the case of hot composting, they can take up a fair amount of room as a compost maker will generally have at least three bins, each of which will hold at least a cubic yard of compost. The question then is where to place the bin so as to make the best use of it.

Composting Bins – Keep the Sides Open

Composting bins are a great help in developing a good composting system whether it be slow or fast composting. Composters know that three things are needed for a good system; food, water, and air. Do not let your bin sides ruin that for you.

Composting Machines – What Do You Really Need?

Composting is the process of helping organic matter rot. Some machinery is necessary even if it is only a fork or shovel. What tools or machines are really necessary to produce good compost?

How to Plant Juicy Tomatoes Indoors

Eating vegetables is good for your body. Vegetables contain high amount of vitamins and minerals which acts as a natural antioxidant for your body. However be careful when buying vegetables from market as they contain lots of insecticide. A good alternative is to plant your own vegetables, and in this article I am going to share how to plant tomatoes indoors.

Home Composting – Making Use of the Fall For Spring Planting

The fall season brings in a lot of work for the home gardener. There are garden beds to clean up, harvest to accomplish, tools to make ready for winter storage and so on. At the same time, composting should not take a back seat to anything. After all, it was compost that was largely responsible for all that harvest bounty. Autumn is still a great time to make and use compost.

Home Composting – Taking Charge of the Fall Bounty

In the midst of fall harvest and cleanup, even the organic gardener can find him or her self neglecting the compost pile. However, this is one of the great seasons to compost with a rich bounty of materials available. In fact, once the last of the finished compost is distributed around the garden, there is now both need and space for making compost once again.

Homemade Compost Bins – Better Than You Can Buy

Compost bins come in a myriad of styles from many suppliers but most if not all suffer from at least one problem, size. Yet a compost bin is not hard to make. A bit of time spent in the shop or garden can solve a lot of frustration from happening.

4 Favourite Tools For Composting

Working a composting system, especially a quick one, takes a bit of work. Like most types of work, the proper tools make the composting go faster and more enjoyably. Here are four tools I use to get the job done.

Planning Your Herb Garden Design

Your herb garden will be an investment of time, planning and inspiration, so take the time to design it properly. You will have many points to consider to come up with the best possible designs. Some things to consider are size, location, theme, and maintenance. Will your garden be a formally designed space, or an informal kitchen herb garden? By researching and planning, you will enjoy your herb garden for years.

Want to Choose the Right Herb Garden Plants?

Like other normal garden plants, herb garden plants come as annuals, perennials or biennials. There is a huge variety of herbs in the different categories and they are all rather unique.

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